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Washington – This week, health officials said it would be okay for families to get together on vacation as long as people were vaccinated against COVID-19 and other precautions were taken against the spread of the disease.

A tentative green light to the rally is coming, despite the recent surge in new cases both nationally and in Arizona, with more than 3,000 new cases reported on Tuesday.

However, with the increasing use of vaccines and booster shots and the increasing availability of home test kits, state and federal officials are “really eager to be able to meet again this holiday season. I have. ” Take appropriate precautions.

Dr. Joshua Labea, Managing Director of Arizona State University, said: Biodesign Institute. “That should be fine.”

This is a radical change from the vacation a year ago when health authorities warned everything except vacation trips and very limited family gatherings.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said: White house briefing Monday. “We just want to encourage people to do so safely.”

This means vaccinating most, if not all, guests, taking precautions around vulnerable families such as the elderly, and keeping people away if they feel sick. It also means testing with one of the more widely available home kits.

“It wouldn’t be a problem if one or two people weren’t vaccinated,” La Baer said. “But if you have a lot of people and you have questions about who is vaccinated and who isn’t vaccinated, it’s a good idea to take a test before you get together.”

He advertised the antigen test kit as “you can do it at home and it’s okay if you do it on the day you get together.” It was repeated this week by officials of the Biden administration.

Jeff Zyentz, White House’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator, said: “as a whole, 500 million tests Every month by the end of this year … So this is a good time for the holiday season. ”

Testing is also important because new variants of the coronavirus are widespread and the effectiveness of the initial vaccination is reduced, so vaccination is not guaranteed to prevent “breakthrough” infections.

The delta variant of the virus is due to the surge in incidents this fall. In Arizona, new infections decreased from 9,000 on January 1st to just 300 to 400 in June. However, they are steadily returning, averaging about 3,500 people a day in the past few weeks.is more than 1.2 million Arizona It has been infected since the virus first appeared, killing 22,062 people as of Tuesday.

“In this delta variant, there are really potential groundbreaking cases, and they are definitely abundant,” says La Baer. “Currently, up to 30% of cases can be groundbreaking cases.”

One defense against breakthrough infections is vaccine booster shots.

As many completed their first vaccination regimen in the spring, “this is a good time to consider getting a booster shot, as we know that the immunity that comes from it begins to decline over time. “La Baer said.

“We know that booster shots not only boost immunity and prevent infections, but actually boost immunity more than after the first vaccination when first vaccinated,” he says. I did.

Experts say it doesn’t matter which vaccine a person first inoculates, one of the available vaccines acts as a booster and is available to all adults 6 months after the first vaccination round. I said I could. However, they warned that getting a booster now doesn’t necessarily protect the family on Thursday, as it takes a few days for the shot to fully protect someone.

Whether it’s boost or first dose, LaBaer said it’s important to be vaccinated.

“Vaccination has two goals,” he said. “The first goal is to keep people away from the hospital and not get seriously ill, but another goal is simply to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Health experts: Holiday gatherings ‘should be fine’ – with precautions Source link Health experts: Holiday gatherings ‘should be fine’ – with precautions

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