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For the past seven years, Hear Here Presents, a Milwaukee-based non-profit creative group, has sought to immerse and educate domestic and foreign viewers in all forms of art and entertainment. Acting like a Swiss arming knife, HearHere Presents features live music video series, recording and production studios, and an independent record label to support local artists. As their website explains, the goal is to be “all the destinations of Milwaukee’s music, comedy, art and culture.”

“HearHere Media, a non-profit aspect, includes live music videos and educational opportunities,” says co-founder Ryan Holman. “We aim to provide [them] For younger generations who are interested in finding a way to the music industry but do not always have a wealth of opportunities in the creative side of things. “

For Holman, that multifaceted approach is exactly how he is wired.

“As Libra, it was never possible for me to do just one thing at a time,” he says. “I’ve always had multiple jobs and projects at once, but Hear Here doesn’t make a difference. I’m interested in creating a live session, much like promoting and then attending a live show. . “

“I love being able to learn and create new things while at the same time offering opportunities for others to grow and learn more about what they are passionate about … some of these are products and It’s easy to raise money through experience, and some are very difficult to make money, so in the end I feel that we have to be multifaceted to cover all our locations. “

Inspiration takes seeds

Prior to launching Hear Here, Holman and co-founder Jenny Vanderheiden produced comedy and music shows in various parts of the Milwaukee region. Holman was also obsessed with the local music scene as he opened the door to the band as a stand-up comedian.

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Over time, they realized that they were producing more and more comedies and music shows. They realized that they could do more. Inspired by La Blogoteque’s “Take Away Shows”, NPR’s Tiny Desk, and KEXP’s live studio sessions, they decided to form Hear Here.

“After getting inspiration, I thought Milwaukee needed a unique version. Why start by gathering talented friends?” Holman says. “As someone who has always taken pictures and preserved almost everything I met, I really wanted to record Milwaukee’s” scene “for the locals, and ultimately those who pass through the town. It was. I started with an idea and watered it a bit, but it’s still growing. “

With the support of the creative team, Holman and Vanderheiden had their first video session in late August 2015, and the video was released in mid-October of that year. Holman is proud of the work they have done so far.

“This means we’ve been able to maintain ourselves over the last seven years, especially through pandemics where many independent music groups and small venues haven’t been able to,” he says.

“I knew I wasn’t reinventing the wheel at the national level. There were other” live music video series “of different sizes,” he continues. “But I knew we could make something unique and valuable to our scene. I love the different styles of music and art that I enjoy so much that I keep it interesting. I was convinced that I could do it. “

The Hear Here team has recorded over 80 session videos including artists such as Neal Francis, Charlie Parr, Kikagaku Moyo, Mattson 2, Klassik, Dead Horses, Joseph Huber and Trapper Schoepp.

Holman says his fiancé Mada has been a big inspiration in recent years and is helping him in almost everything.

“I call her white gloves because it’s her attention to detail that helps improve our work,” he says. “She has a background in legal research and wedding planning, but not necessarily relevant information, but you can see how it helps a comedian like me. Mada has been around for the past 3.5 years. It was in the picture and helped me put the shit together. “

Go to the land of space to hear here

Today, Hear Here Presents unveiled a session video between Nashville-based “Country of Space” musician Daniel Donato and his band Cosmic Country.

“My sound is a product of my nature as being,” explains Donato. “It’s my emotional and existence philosophy, Honky-tonk’s Nashville neon lights are midnight roots, and the exploration personality is represented by an improvised approach. Cosmic Country is a fusion of these vehicles. And has a band that can go back and forth between aesthetics, vision, and several dimensions. “

Holman invited Donato to the studio earlier this year (February 11th), and they soon combined music, astrology and more.

“He was arguably one of the most sober cats we could work with. We went through the session and after the show in the early hours of the morning with Daniel and his band. I hung out with him, “says Holman. “I’ll talk about inspiration and astrology at Iron Horse until the sun is ready to rise. I’m really a killer musician and a great person.”

“Daniel is one of the people you want to succeed because he has a pretty good head on his shoulders and the skill to have a much larger ego if needed.”

But Donato rather wants to explore the world and make meaningful connections. Whenever he plays a new city, he says, “It’s a” focused value “to reach out and play with the most tuned community to what the space country is and where it goes. I feel there is. As in life, we have scheduled a recording session! “

“The experience of recording on the camera is different from the experience of playing on stage. The Hear Here team combined both by bringing a live audience to the studio,” says Donato. “That variable, coupled with their sincerely unique studio space and fun behind-the-scenes amenities, made the experience natural, inspiring and valuable to me when I played in Cosmic Country. “

Holman recently caught up with the Shepherd Express and talked about HearHere Presents.

What was your goal when you started making session videos?

I always had the idea that the sky was the limit. If we build it, they will come to play. But from the beginning, I’ve joked that My Morning Jacket is my ultimate goal. Can you hear Jim James?

Some videos feature live viewers with performers. Why is it important to have a live audience?

To be honest, it’s important to have them in every video, to me. The band also wants to have a small audience because I don’t want to stand up and play for a lot of cameramen, soundmen, and myself … it really helps the energy and the overall atmosphere we can do. It seems to be created in the room.

How would you like to make each video unique?

I hope each video has a little difference. Whether it’s editing, color, or some sort of small psychedelic effect, we challenge videographers and editors to be creative in their actions, depending on the sound.

How did your previous experience help you?

I think the most helpful thing is, first and foremost, more than 10 years of experience as a server in a fast-paced restaurant between New York, Hawaii and Milwaukee. I learned to predict people’s needs and, in fact, how to treat people in general. Before becoming a promoter or producer, and still, I go to about 100 shows a year among jam music, Broadway shows, and house music.

So being a viewer helped the crowd know what they wanted to see. Many years of experience as a stand-up comedian and the opportunity to hang out in the dressing room have created a fun and unique behind-the-scenes experience for all artists. Hear Here is committed to being a complete package for everyone involved, from our artists and teams to the crowd. I want everyone to have a good time. And they do.

What role do you play in making videos?

Run the flow for each session, create a timeline to keep it from load-in to load-out, then run the flow for partner Madda and post-production to get the final mix and edits from your team. .. Contact the band team for release dates and approvals. It really stays on top of a lot of juggling and communication. We also create a poly art cover for each session … so we take a photo from the session into Adobe Illustrator and create a small shape across the photo to create a new poly image. To be honest, it takes about 5 hours per page, which is quite annoying, but I’m having a lot of fun as I add artistic additions to each session.

Do you have any other favorite memories of collaborating with musicians to create videos?

Thanks to HearHere Presents, I have many good memories. The work with geometric patterns is great, it’s been a companion to the Mattson 2 brothers, and it always stands out when I hear Esme Patterson play “No River” … really everything is about experience and I enjoy them all. I’m out, so I won’t list just a few. .. Mada and I are also very proud of the Knight Moves video. The first edit was pretty rough on the edges, and her notes and attention to detail allowed us to dial it, but even today it’s one of our favorites released.

What can you expect from Hear Here Presents in the future? Do you have any specific goals?

We are 100% driven by goals and new ideas, so there is always something new in our work. We will continue to promote even bigger shows in the future. Hold more shows in Chicago with your friend Kyle at Sleeping Village and keep an eye out for more work with the Cactus Club.More releases from our artist Patreon [page], Probably another Papa Holman show, a more themed party, more disco brunch with our buddy from Brew City Bus. NewHearHere goods. The list continues.

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