Heat increases demand for roadside service – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-06-16 19:57:37 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — It’s not just Tucson’s fever that breaks the record!

Express roadside Tucson also has a record number of battery sales this month. Battery sales have skyrocketed almost 100% since May, manager Noanne.

“We can definitely see that the heat is confusing these batteries and the vehicle together,” he told KGUN9.

Neil says the phone has been ringing since the introduction of the three-digit number in Tucson.

“About 200 calls have increased since last month and last month,” he added.

He says battery replacements have reached record numbers.

“When we talk about the battery and how it lasts in 100 degree weather, it’s not very good. The second is tire replacement. The air inflates the sides of the tire and then you puncture. I know that it’s not uncommon to go to the car, there’s only a rim, and the other is a lockout, put everything in the trunk and notice that the key is there … And we go there and unlock the vehicle for them, “he told KGUN9.

As for employees, Neil says they are always checking in to make sure they are hydrating.

“I emphasize that they have breasts with water in it. In fact, there is extra water for the customer,” he said.

Due to the heat of Arizona, it is advisable to test the battery after a year and a half. Neil also says that when exposing a tire to air, it is important to remember that the air inside expands with heat.

“Keep them a few PSI, perhaps up to five lower than expected,” he added.

Heat increases demand for roadside service Source link Heat increases demand for roadside service

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