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Heating bills could jump as much as 54 percent this winter due to high energy prices – Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Missouri — 2021 data According to the US Energy Information Administration, households can expect heating costs to jump 54% this winter. Experts say this is due to the current state of supply and demand.

The biggest reason for high bills is the recent rise in energy prices. Prices fell to record lows in 2020, and since then demand has grown faster than production as the economy has recovered from the pandemic.

“Natural gas is a product used in homes, businesses and manufacturing, and the demand for our products remains very high,” said Aaron Bishop, Atmos Energy’s public relations manager.

Inventories of propane and natural gas are already lower than normal, but global demand is growing exponentially. Due to high demand, US natural gas is the highest price since 2014, up about 90% compared to last year.

In addition to supply and demand, experts believe it will be a colder winter. Bishop says his team is preparing for such a time and expects prices to level off around spring.

“When the price is low, we can stockpile other storage fields,” Bishop said. “This is one of the things we are preparing, not only to actually prepare for the winter and ensure that our customers have the supply they need to keep their homes warm during the winter. We try to curb these crazy fluctuations in prices. “

Households using natural gas are expected to grow by 30% this winter, up about $ 746. Households using electricity are expected to grow by 6%, up about $ 1,268 this winter.

Homes using kerosene have seen an increase of about 43%, with an additional $ 500 increase this winter. In addition, households using propane show an increase of about 54%.

Local experts say the invoices should be kept away and lowered and overlaid.

“When you were a kid, follow all the advice from your parents. Put on a coat, keep the doors closed, keep the shower short … many of these are some that help customers manage. Great way. Their energy usage. ”

For those in need of payment assistance, Bishop says Catholic charities, the Salvation Army, and county resources may be the starting point.

Spire Inc. Chris Wright, an energy efficiency officer at the company, said opening the drapes during the day to let in natural light and closing them in the evening helps keep them warm. He also recommends replacing furnace filters to maximize efficiency and invest in programming thermostats.

“Return the thermostat to 10 degrees for about 8 hours a day … I know a lot of people are working from home now, but if it’s absent, you can probably save up to 10%. “The energy bill,” Wright said.

Heating bills could jump as much as 54 percent this winter due to high energy prices Source link Heating bills could jump as much as 54 percent this winter due to high energy prices

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