Heidi Montag struggles to get pregnant with her second child and shouts

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt The family is ready to grow, but the couple has a hard time imagining.

After choosing not to attend the pair Ashley Slack And Jason VarlerGender Show Party in Episode on Wednesday, June 23 Hill: A new beginning, Montag, 34, the star who was pregnant at the time, 32 explained their absence.

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“I’m trying to get pregnant, but that’s not really happening to me,” the co-sponsor of “Speid iPodcast” explained in tears on an MTV show.

Slack replied, “I see you hurt and don’t seem to explain it,” so Montag goes into more detail on her decision to miss bash, which celebrated Wahler’s drinking year. Did.

“I’m pregnant, so let’s calm down.” How to be famous The author said. “I didn’t come because I heard you say a lot of bad things about me.”

Later in the episode, she and Pratt, 37, used crystals for “good energy” to conceive a second child. (The couple are already parents of their son Gunner, 3.)

“This is a little overwhelming.” Prince of Malibu Alum said, rubbing a crystal on his wife’s body. “You may get pregnant for this second.”

The pair was originally On another page about Baby No. 2, Reality star said exclusively We weekly last month.

“Heidi is happy [get] Pregnant [coronavirus] “Pandemic,” Pratt explained at the time. “And I heard it was as if my dad had to wait outside the building. They would come in for two minutes, for example. Just an idea for me … I did it. I didn’t want it. It was like a science fiction movie. “

He added that his hesitation was “hard” to the “glitter and glory” singer. “Still, Heidi wishes we could do that, and I’m glad we didn’t do it yet …. The first encounter with the miracle baby Gunner is so great. It was magical. “

At that time, Montag chimed as follows. And in a pandemic, [he’s] Like “OK, let’s wait”. And I kept waiting. And now we have been working hard for 5 months. “

While MTV’s personality came up with Gunner “immediately,” Montag said: … I think everything happens for a reason, and I just kept praying that the right time would happen. “

For Slack and Wahler, Their boy, Wyatt, arrived on June 16th, Joined my 3-year-old daughter Delilah.

Hill: A new beginning It will air on MTV on Wednesday at 9 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Heidi Montag struggles to get pregnant with her second child and shouts

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