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Scott Disick did his best on Amelia Hamlin’s 20th birthday! After buying her a diamond cross necklace, he jumped at a photo worth $ 57,000.

Scott disick, 38, surely know how to ruin a birthday girl.A few days later Amelia Hamlin, 20, Scott celebrated his 20th birthday in Miami, Florida. TMZ report Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family The star was found on Wednesday, June 15th, buying very expensive artwork for the model.Saddle II, Paris 1976 Vintage Silver Gelatin Print Helmut Newton It’s reportedly worth $ 57,000.

Scott headed to Miami’s design district to buy a unique gift that Newton personally signed. Historical works showing a model wearing tights and a blazer while she sits on the saddle are also considered Newton’s most “provocative” work. Scott reportedly paid to work with Ethereum Pay cryptocurrency.

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Amelia was enthusiastic about her light two-piece gold outfit when she visited Rive’s nightclub with Scott, who hosted the gorgeous birthday bash.At the club, an untalented designer announced Lisa RinnaDaughter with another great gift: a diamond necklace. In the video uploaded to Instagram, Scott Diamond-studded cross Surrounded by friends around her neck. “I’m about to cry,” she seemed to say, smiling and wiping tears from her eyes.

Scott and Amelia’s romance has blossomed since last Halloween, when they were found heading to the same party. Shortly thereafter, they had a romantic beach date in Malibu, California, confirming their relationship with the world! In the more recent months, the two have taken off for several trips to Miami. And obviously enjoying each other’s company as they absorb the sun and the sights of the gorgeous South Beach.

On Scott’s birthday In May, Amelia also withdrew the stop. The model gave Scott a Harley-Davidson bike on a special day and gave his three fathers a sweet message dubbed “the light of her life.” She added: You brighten your life and make my world better. I can’t imagine what I would do without you. Thank you for you. The most compassionate, affectionate and special person in this plant. I am very lucky. I am very fortunate to meet you. I love you. “

Helmut Newton Photo-Hollywood Life

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