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‘Help Wanted’ sign gets creative for Upstate restaurant – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-07-23 20:47:39 –

Boiling Springs, South Carolina (WSPA)-Companies across the country are facing a shortage of staff, making one upstate restaurant creative.

An employee at Waffle House on Boiling Springs Road says he’s dealing with months of extra shifts and having to spend more time.

Customers are aware of the delay.

Shannon Williams said, “They are backed up and you’re waiting 20 minutes, but as I said, it doesn’t matter which restaurant you go to. They’re all like that.” Told.

He blames the shortage of employees for extended waiting times.

“Wherever you go, fast food is no longer fast food. They don’t have staff,” Williams said.

Williams is right.

Njeri Boss, vice president of public relations for Waffle House, says that’s exactly the problem for Waffle Houses across the country, including Boiling Springs Road.

The boss said: “In the absence of staff, we had to learn how to close part of the restaurant, take it home only on certain shifts, or close the restaurant. It will resume at a certain time and later.”

Currently, hiring signs are posted everywhere inside.

Even the skyscrapers outside have been dedicated to attracting applicants.

For some time, messages like “Help Wanted” have been posted, but now managers are excited about things with a more creative approach.

“They put marquees in skyscrapers and, as you said, they now hire regulars, but they wanted to differentiate themselves,” the boss said.

They are hired by so many people that they want to stand out from others.

“We wanted people to have something that caught our eye. Say this is a bit different from the other industries and companies you see,” said the boss.

Waffle House says there are standards for signs and what they display, but more restaurants are encouraging them to be creative like this.

‘Help Wanted’ sign gets creative for Upstate restaurant Source link ‘Help Wanted’ sign gets creative for Upstate restaurant

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