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Portland City Council Approves $ 6 Million Gun Violence Reduction Plan

Pastor of JW Matt Hennessy, Vancouver Avenue First Baptist. February 14, 2020 (KOIN)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Rev. Matt Hennessy has tackled the issue of gun violence in Rose City. Joint of peace and action between heathens..He said Unanimous passageway of the Portland City Council One of the proposals to donate millions of dollars to groups serving communities affected by gun violence is one of the big picture.

“The fact that we are is a tribute to the council for hearing concerns from the IPAC and moving forward as many died, many were traumatized and many were injured. I represent it, “said Hennessy.

Also Included in efforts to reduce gun violence Mayor Ted Wheeler has announced that it will be a community-centric police plan. It will be guided by a weekly meeting attended by police and community members, and the establishment of an independent community oversight committee that includes its own analytical staff.

Hennessy said it was clear that there was a gap in trust.

“One way to continue building trust is to bring the community and police together to tackle and solve problems,” he said. “That means, yes, there are components that include members of the entire community, such as experienced members, families who have to deal with tragic losses, or ACLUs. Includes other groups represented by the DA office, and so that others can really work together to create something. “

The minister hopes this will be a model for other cities dealing with the surge in crime on the streets.

“I’m grateful that people realize that this isn’t a police issue. It’s a neighborhood and community issue, and we all have to work together,” Hennessy said.

With the Portland City Council vote The passage of the plan was quick, Without much time for public comments.

Commissioner Carmen Rubio said their actions were “in line with its urgency in limiting testimony to written submissions.” I hope it isn’t. We hope that viewers and the media will encourage people to submit their testimony. “

She said they felt obliged to act swiftly from the community.

“In reality, this requires immediate action after months of community action and protests,” Rubio said. Thanks to the five people for understanding this policy correctly. “

Mr Hennessy said he was a little disappointed that the police did not have the additional funds. He does not believe that all long-term goals can be achieved without other investments.

“I admit to the city council that citizens work together, that citizens must work together to fill the crisis of trust, and that all of this cannot be done in the long run without other investments. I ask, “he said.

Hennessee: ‘Salute council for hearing gun violence concerns’ Source link Hennessee: ‘Salute council for hearing gun violence concerns’

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