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Henry T. Jones, a former co-director of art education at Maryland Institute College of Art, who later became the director of art education practice at Maryland Institute College of Art, was at the Maryland University Medical Center on May 26. He died of complications from Myastenia Gravis. The resident of Lake Raven was 82 years old.

“Henry was one of the best guys you’d love to meet. Fred Lazaro IV, President of MICA from 1978 to 2014, said,” He’s a great leader for our student art educators. It was. “

Karen Lee Carroll, who was the Dean of the MICA Center for the Arts Education from 1987 to 2018, hired Jones.

“Henry was a solid and caring person who was careful about the details. He was just wonderful and loved by everyone,” he hired Jones during his tenure at Baltimore County Public School. Dr. Carroll, who was very impressed with the work, said. “I wanted him to be our coordinator for placing our art educators in schools in the surrounding counties. He managed and planned all of this.”

Henry Tipton Jones, son of Ralph L. Jones, the brakeman of the Patapsco & Back Rivers Railroad, and Julia Alice Cellars Jones, the housewife, were born in Baltimore and spent their childhood at Sparrows Point before moving to Dandok with their families. I did.

After graduating from Dandaruk High School in 1958, Jones earned a bachelor’s degree in painting and art education in 1963 and a master’s degree in art education from MICA in 1969.

He received a certificate of education from Towson University today and a master’s degree in curriculum development from Ohio State University in 1970.

From 1971 to 1981, Jones was an art teacher at Ridgeley Junior High School, then attended Greenwood School Headquarters and co-directed the Art Education Department at Baltimore County Public School. There he was responsible for developing the arts and interdisciplinary curriculums, and integrating arts education into other disciplines.

In 1994, Jones joined the MICA staff as a coordinator for a master’s degree training in an educational program.

“Fortunately, MICA hired Henry. Henry’s professorship included the supervision and guidance of student teachers,” Dr. Carroll wrote in an email. “In the role of coordinator, he developed an extensive network of partnerships with schools in the Greater Baltimore region.”

Lazaro said: “Henry was an active MICA alum and he was our first employer when building and expanding the practice. He was a great member of the MICA community.”

Jones is also the director of MICA’s Young People’s Studios, “developing a year-round high-quality class for kids and young people,” writes Dr. Carroll.

Jones also worked to establish a standard curriculum and graduation exam at the state and national levels.

He is an active member of the Maryland Institute of Art Education, “he was a board member of the annual journal, a presenter and writer of the conference, and participated in many committees of the Maryland Department of Education,” Dr. Carroll wrote. I am.

In 1995, the American Association for Art Education nominated Mr Jones as its Eastern Regional Art Educator of the Year, and student endorsement culminated in the 2005 MICA Council for Excellence in Education.

According to his family, during the MICA era, his work often took him abroad to France, where the skilled painter Jones produced more than 50 oil paintings of the French countryside and coast.

“As an artist, Henry retired and regained his love for painting, honing his skills with MICA’s painting professor Mark Kerns and exhibiting at a professional gallery show with his uncle painter David Jones. “I did,” wrote Dr. Carroll.

“He was a great painter and a great love for him,” Lazaro said.


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“Henry was the most respected member of MICA’s faculty and art education community as a whole. He is a master teacher, paying attention to teaching techniques, patience in detail, sensitivity to relationships, and greatness. Wisdom has contributed significantly to the MICAMAT program, “writes Dr. Carroll.

She added: “He played a special role in guiding new faculty and giving the program a sense of continuity. In every respect, he spread himself to his colleagues and students with great humility and deep respect. I did. “

Jones lived on Wilson Point Road on the Middle River before he and his family moved to Lake Raven in 1971.

Mr Jones and his wife, former Elizabeth Catherine Lindneran, were high school lovers and married in 1959. He enjoyed traveling and loved visiting California, especially Carmel-by-the-Sea and Yosemite National Park, and spending time at his second home. In Pensacola, Florida, his son, Edward AD “Ted” Jones of Lutherville, said.

As a fan of classic Hollywood movies and a lover of vintage radio dramas in the 1930s and 1940s, Jones has made several cruises on Turner classic movies. He also enjoyed watching the British crime series on public broadcasters.

The plan for the celebration of life is incomplete.

Mr Jones is surviving by his wife and son, as well as Laura Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Lake Raven. 5 grandchildren. And great-grandson.

Henry T. Jones, former art education leader at Baltimore County Public Schools and Maryland Institute College of Art, dies – Baltimore Sun Source link Henry T. Jones, former art education leader at Baltimore County Public Schools and Maryland Institute College of Art, dies – Baltimore Sun

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