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Jennifer Aniston said, “We have to be more concerned here, not just ourselves,” after being criticized for her decision to cut off friends who refuse to vaccinate.

Jennifer AnistonThe 52-year-old faces a backlash after revealing that he is separating his friend who refused to be vaccinated with COVID-19 from his life. But now she applauds and reveals why she made that decision.

Comments on the following Instagram posts The contributor wrote: Why are you worried about the innocence around her? (Shrug emoji) “, Jen replied. “If you have a variant, you can give it to me. You may get a little sick, but you won’t be hospitalized or die. But you don’t have the vaccine and your health is compromised. You can give it to someone else who is (or is in a previous state)-so I endanger their lives. So I’m worried. Here’s not just ourselves, but more You have to worry about that. “

Jennifer first revealed in the September issue of Instyle She was forced to separate her friend from her life who “refused” to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. She said she didn’t have time for anti-vaxxers or people who “just don’t listen to the facts.” She said she believes that unvaccinated people make decisions based on “fear or publicity.”

NS friend The star first said he spent a lot of time keeping up with the news during the pandemic. But recently she felt the need to take a break and take a little breath. “I really had to quit [keeping CNN on too much].. During the pandemic, we all experienced news fatigue, panic fatigue. I wanted to wake up one day and hear something hopeful.

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And then she first started talking about anti-vaxxers.[There’s] Still, a large group of people who are anti-vaxxers or simply don’t really listen. That’s really disappointing.Lost a few people who refused or did not disclose in their weekly routine [whether or not they had been vaccinated], And that was a shame. “

She added: It’s important to note that everyone has the right to accept their opinions, but many do not feel that they are based on anything other than fear or publicity. “

Her Reasons Revealed-Hollywood Life

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