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Her sister died of a brain tumor. Now she was showing similar symptoms.

Humans have set the flag on the moon, but moonshots of brain tumors have not yet been realized.

I knew the diagnosis, so I gradually stopped removing the tumor. The more tumors you remove, the longer the average survival time, but only a few. However, the pursuit of surgical integrity can be costly. The brain, which is packed with important human functions in just a few millimeters of tissue, loses strength, speech, vision, memory, etc. because it can remove more tumors and damage healthy tissue. There is a risk. In glioblastoma, tumor cells that have moved a few centimeters away from most of the tumor and out of the reach of forceps almost guarantee that the cancer will come back. Surgical integrity is incomplete. She wanted to maintain her strength.

We sutured the dura and closed it, then re-plated her bones. Carefully, we closed her skin layer. After a while she was extubated and we took her to our intensive care unit and recovered.

“I’ve been with my sister for seven years now, and many young people have died lately, so I want to be practical,” she said the day before. Negotiation.

40 years ago Median survival In the case of glioblastoma, it was four and a half months. Since then, researchers have characterized the glioblastoma genetics, with a variety of vaccines, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, cell therapy, new diagnostic imaging methods, targeted radiation therapy, and innovative forms for treating the disease. I have been studying drug delivery. Many steps.

The median survival today is about 15 months. Very few patients survive more than 5 years.

Defeat is a common feeling among neurosurgeons, but you maintain your determination for your patients and for yourself. The next morning, our patient was fine, well recovered and well. We subtly shared the diagnosis with her.

“I was lucky,” she said with a smile. She seemed to expect it.

Some cancers in the siblings can be explained by genetics. However, that is not the case for glioblastoma. It was really unlucky for her sister and many others.

Her sister died of a brain tumor. Now she was showing similar symptoms.

Source link Her sister died of a brain tumor. Now she was showing similar symptoms.

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