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Seattle, Washington 2021-12-03 23:20:15 –

This figure details the planned repair work near Pier 15 on the West Seattle Bridge.

District 1 City Council member Lisa Helbolt shared some additional information about the start of work at the final stages of work on the West Seattle Bridge, announced last Monday.

Below is a diagram showing the location and type of repair work being done. Listed as “Phase 2 Rehabilitation”. Work already done to stabilize the bridge is listed as “Phase 1”.

“Phase 2” repair work includes not only the central span, but also the other two sections of the bridge, carbon fiber wrapping and post-tensioning between piers 15 and 16, and piers 17 and 18. “Phase 1” stabilization work Last year, only the center span was done. The exception was the peer 18 bearings that needed to be released and replaced.

Post-tension supports concrete by tightening high-strength steel cables to concrete girders. Some cables were included in the original bridge. Some were added during stabilization, while others were added during repair.

Carbon fiber wrapping works with steel cables to strengthen the bridge. It is added both inside and outside the bridge. SDOT states that carbon fiber wrapping is added in stages, alternating with post tension, so that the bridge continues to be strengthened as the girder is further compressed.

Additional visuals and details on post tension and carbon fiber wrapping Project website.

The website describes additional maintenance work to be performed, including pavement.

Final repairs to the West Seattle Bridge are underway, but additional maintenance work is planned for the entire West Seattle Bridge corridor from the I-5 connection to Fauntleroy Boulevard.

These improvements include:

  • Replacing bridge joints to safely expand and contract structures in hot and cold weather
  • Pavement to give people who drive a smooth and predictable surface that lasts for years
  • Replace all signs and the structures that hold them with signs that are easy for people driving to read and withstand strong winds and storms.

Performing large-scale maintenance work now while the bridge is closed is a wise use of the contractor team, ordering the work and thus affecting the schedule of traffic back to the bridge. It will not lead to construction delays or detours of people. Once you have resumed traffic, use driving and transportation.

The council recently adopted the 2022 city budget. Includes funding for bridge repairs. The council resolved to approve $ 44.6 million in public debt in 2022 for bridge repairs and related work.In addition, the council approved individually $ 100 Million for Bond Sale for Bridge Maintenance and Rehab Sponsored by its councilor Pedersen, I co-sponsored it.

In addition to approving the sale of bonds, the council’s budgetary measures “fund $ 1.1 million to enable SDOT to proceed to 90% of the design stages of the next bridge rehabilitation project. Provided: (1) $ 300,000 overhaul for Spokane Street Swing Bridge hydraulics (2) $ 900,000 for rehabilitation of the Spokane High Bridge. “

Upon completing the 90% design of these projects, SDOT will be able to pursue construction funding for consideration through state and federal grant programs or in the development of future transportation tax proposals.

HERBOLD: More info on the West Seattle Bridge work beginning Source link HERBOLD: More info on the West Seattle Bridge work beginning

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