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Tucson, Arizona 2020-10-17 22:05:00 –

Miles of walls seen from Sonora’s Sonoyta, east of Lukeville’s port of entry, February 4, 2020. Built during the Trump administration, the border wall now runs over 190 miles on the Arizona border with Mexico.

Josh Galemore / Arizona Daily Star

Built during the Trump administration, the border wall now stands about 190 miles along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Here are the basic details of the wall:

• Most places are 30 feet high.

• The steel bollard is 6 inches wide and is filled with concrete and rebar.

• The bollards are 4 inches apart so border guard agents can see Mexico.

• A steel anti-climbing plate is located at the top of the wall.

• The foundation of the wall extends 6-10 feet to the ground.

• Fiber optic cables on the ground can detect excavations.

• LED lights next to the wall allow agents and cameras to see illegal activity at night.

• New or improved access roads help agents respond quickly.

• In most cases, new walls will replace various head-height barriers designed to prevent smugglers from driving across national borders.

• The wall is expected to last 30 years.

• The planned 240-mile wall in Arizona will cost more than $ 4.5 billion.

• The approximately 730-mile border wall that the Trump administration plans to build received $ 10 billion from the Pentagon and $ 5 billion from Congress.

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