Here are the top 15 start-ups to work in Singapore:

Start-ups that disrupt the financial services, healthcare and commerce industries are one of the best companies to work in Singapore, according to a new LinkedIn study.

Fintech, telemedicine and e-commerce start-ups dominated a list of 15 professional networking sites.Top startup 2021 It is recognized that it has succeeded in navigating the pandemic and recording continued growth and demand.

LinkedIn uses internal data collected between July 2020 and June 2021 to measure startups on four pillars: employment growth, engagement, job interests, and talent attraction. bottom. To qualify, the company must be headquartered in Singapore, have at least 50 employees, and must be under 7 years of age at the time of calculation.

This list serves as a guide for professionals to identify emerging start-ups and sought after roles.

Chris Anderson

Editor-in-chief (Asia), LinkedIn News

According to the company, this ranking should help employees identify the top start-ups in city-states and the ones with the greatest potential employment opportunities.

Chris Anderson, Managing Editor for Asia at LinkedIn News, said:

“We hope this list will serve as a guide to identify emerging start-ups and sought-after roles so that professionals can develop the skills they need,” he adds. I did.

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5. Aspire

industry: Financial business
Full-time personnel: 165
Most common job titles:

Aspire With the goal of becoming a “one-stop shop” for entrepreneurs expanding their businesses in Southeast Asia, we provide a variety of financial tools for SMEs, such as billing and remittances.

4. Secret Lab

industry: Consumer goods
Full-time personnel: Over 200
Most common job titles: Creative designer, community manager

Secretlab Selling gaming chairs in more than 60 countries, the product has found fans among office professionals during the pandemic telecommuting boom.

3. Homage

2. Endowus

industry: Financial business
Full-time personnel: 75
Most common job titles: Software engineer, client analyst, product operations manager

Digital Wealth Advisor Endowus By providing a variety of investment options for cash, the Central Provident Fund and the Supplemental Retirement Fund, it helps Singaporeans reach their retirement goals and increase their financial literacy.

1. Advanced Intelligence Group

Here are the top 15 start-ups to work in Singapore:

Source link Here are the top 15 start-ups to work in Singapore:

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