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Jackson, Mississippi >> The leader of the Tennessee Apocalypse Clinic scans a map to find another place to serve if the U.S. Supreme Court allows the state to limit or eliminate the right to abortion. , Calculated mileage and investigated passenger railroad routes.

They chose Carbondale, Illinois. In the Midwest and South, access to abortion is easy, but surrounded by more restrictive states. Opening in August, it will be the southernmost clinic in Illinois.

“At this point, we all know the harsh realities we are facing in Tennessee. We will lose access to abortion this year,” said CEO of CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health. Said Jennifer Pepper.

As the Supreme Court is poised to severely limit or ban abortion, reproductive advocates have decided to open new clinics or expand existing clinics in states where lawmakers do not have restricted access. I am planning.

Some Democratic-led states in the west and northeast are also proposing public funding for the expected influx of people traveling from elsewhere to end their pregnancies.

A year after the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion nationwide when it opened in 1974, CHOICES was the first in Memphis, the commercial center of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and southern Missouri. Became an abortion provider.

Carbondale is a three-hour drive north of Tennessee’s two largest cities, Memphis and Nashville. It is also on the Amtrak route from New Orleans to Chicago through areas where access to abortion may be lost, such as the Mississippi River, western Tennessee, and western Kentucky.

“The location and geography was the first reason we were attracted to Carbondale, but the incredible heart of the Carbondale community made us find our second home in CHOICES. “I told Pepper last week that he was planning.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule in the coming months on cases that directly challenge Roe. Judges heard a debate over the 2018 Mississippi Act in December banning most abortions after 15 weeks. The court allowed the state to regulate abortion for about 24 weeks before it became feasible, but not.

The draft opinion leaked on May 2 showed that the majority of judges were ready to overturn the Roe v. Wade case. If the final decisions are similar, the state will have a wide degree of freedom to limit abortion. The Guttmacher Institute, which supports the right to abortion, states that if Roe is weakened or capsized, it is certain or likely that 26 states will ban abortion.

Diane Derzis owns the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. She told The Associated Press that Mississippi has a “trigger” law that automatically bans abortions, so if Law overthrows, the clinic, also known as the Pink House, will be closed.

Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the United States, and women will face tougher hurdles to access abortion. lost.

“Mississippi is a prime example of what happens to women in this country,” Delgis said. “People who have the means will be able to fly to New York. Poor and colored women desperately try to find the closest clinic.”

Delgis said the abortion clinic in Columbus, Georgia would also be closed soon if Rho disappeared, and believes the clinic in Richmond, Virginia could remain open for another year or so. increase.

Delgis said he will soon open an abortion clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico, about an hour’s drive north of El Paso, Texas. Since Texas last year enacted a law banning most abortions in about six weeks, women have visited New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other states to end their pregnancy. Earlier this month, Oklahoma entered into a Texas-style abortion ban, which bans abortions about six weeks after pregnancy.

“We can’t stop a woman who is pregnant and doesn’t want to have a baby,” Derzis said.

The National Abortion Federation, an association of abortion providers, provides pregnant women who must travel to get an abortion with money as well as health and travel information. Melissa Fowler, the federation’s chief program officer, said many lives would be confused.

“The reality for many in this country will be travel days, work holidays,” Fowler said. “Even if we fully fund someone’s trip, the lives of some people just don’t allow them to travel.”

Jennifer Allen, CEO of Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates, which covers Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, and Washington, said in states like Washington, which strongly support the right to abortion: Ready for the future. “

Washington has more than 30 abortion clinics, but only five to the east of the Cascade Range in the more conservative areas of the state. Democratic Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill this year authorizing assistant doctors, senior registered nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers to act to perform abortions within their practice. Proponents of abortion rights said it would help meet the demands of out-of-state patients.

Allen said it’s impossible to predict how many out-of-state residents will seek care in Washington, but the increase could be in the thousands. She said advocates of reproductive rights are working to anticipate needs.

“We are building this plane while flying it,” Allen said.

In response to the leaked Supreme Court draft, Insley promised that Washington would provide a sanctuary for those seeking abortion. His office said discussions were underway on various possibilities. However, Congress is unlikely to be reconvened before its regular session begins in January.

Last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom offered $ 57 million in abortion funding in addition to the $ 68 million proposed in January. The Democratic Party has proposed new proposals to pay $ 40 million for abortion of women not covered by Medicade or private insurance, $ 15 million for public education campaigns, $ 1 million for websites listing abortion services, and reproductive medicine. He said a study of unmet needs would include $ 1 million. Care service.

Newsom has already signed a law to reduce abortion for those with private insurance. Congress is considering other bills to increase access to abortion, including a proposal to have more nurse practitioners perform abortions.

New York will make $ 35 million available for abortion services and security, Governor Kathy Hokul announced last week. She said some of that money could be used for abortions for out-of-state residents traveling to New York.

In March, Oregon state legislators paid for abortion, supporting services such as travel and accommodation for long-distance in-state and out-of-state patients, and 15 million to expand the availability of abortion. Approved the dollar. Details such as the possibility of mobile clinics and the possibility of hiring more workers in existing clinics are still being discussed.

“We know that Oregon is likely to be a place where people are forced to travel to take care of them,” said Anne Do, managing director of Oregon’s planned parent-child relationship advocate. Said.

The Guttmacher Institute reported that if the court overturned the Roe v. Wade case, there could be a 234% increase in women from other states in Oregon, often Idaho.

The overwhelming majority of the Illinois Parliament has been preparing for Roe’s rollback for years, especially as the state becomes an island surrounded by restricted neighbors.

In 2017, Illinois approved public funding for abortion and abolished the 1975 “Trigger” Act. The 2019 State Reproductive Health Act establishes the basic right for people to make their own decisions about contraception and abortion. After June 1st, minors will no longer need to notify their parents or guardians prior to having an abortion. This is an action that supporters of abortion views saw as the last obstacle to free access in Illinois.

Yamercy Rodriguez, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Planned Parent-Child Relationship between the St. Louis region and southwestern Missouri, said:

Fowler, along with the National Abortion Federation, said that state healthcare providers without restricted abortion laws “do everything they can to maintain and expand access, but the current system receives care. They just don’t have the ability to handle a number of patients who don’t have one. ” .. “

“We need to be creative and robust in our solution, just as the enemy designs these terrible limits,” she said.

La Corte reported from Olympia, Washington. Associated Press writer Adam Beam in Sacramento, California. Sarah Klein in Salem, Oregon. John O’Connor in Springfield, Illinois. Marina Villeneuve of Albany, NY contributed to this report.

Here’s how abortion clinics are preparing for Roe to fall Source link Here’s how abortion clinics are preparing for Roe to fall

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