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Like all campuses, Carroll High School is full of tradition, spirit, and unique bizarre things.

What started as a senior prank in 1973 has become a staple of school.

The 1973 graduate sneaked into the campus and drew a large white “73” on the breeze ceiling.

After that, the seniors kept the tradition and began to show their creativity by adding colors and complicated designs.

The original Carroll campus will be closed at the end of the current school year and students and staff will move to new locations on the corner of Costreats Road and Saratoga Boulevard.

To maintain tradition, Thea Cain, a yearbook adviser and graduated from Carroll in 1988, has taken pictures of all the murals on campus for inclusion in the school yearbook from 2021 to 22. I let you take a picture.Cain started Record murals in 2019..

“They are a major part of the Tigers’ memories of the past, so it’s important to preserve them,” Cain said. “They want to know that they will be preserved for years to come.”

Carroll High School senior Iris Lopez designed a mural to represent a graduate on campus. The 2022 class is the last graduation class on the original campus. The new Carroll High School will open in the 2022-23 semester.

Senior Iris Lopez designed the mural for the 2022 graduation class. Cain said that Lopez had an image of a mural since he was in the second grade.

According to Cain, the new campus will frame photographs of murals from specific areas.

To purchase the $ 80 2021-22 Almanac, visit the following website: carroll.ccisd.us Alternatively, send an email to thea.cain@ccisd.us. All old Carroll yearbooks are $ 10.

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Here’s how Carroll High School will preserve its murals Source link Here’s how Carroll High School will preserve its murals

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