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There are NOAA predictions, but who wants to predict the winter in New England?

On Tuesday, February 2, 2021, a man removes snow from a sidewalk outside Glover’s Hardware in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. (Tristan Spinski / New York Times)

It may be off 75 degrees, but the cold is slowly beginning to remind us that New England’s infamous winter weather is approaching.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Announcing winter weather forecast Thursday morning seems to be actually a mild winter.

In New England, temperatures can be 40% to 50% higher than normal and can be higher, lower, or near normal precipitation. Although the upper Vermont is tilted 33% to 40% more than usual.

The forecast is weather winter, December, January and February.

As for what this means for big snowstorms and cold waves, NOAA’s predictions are just predictions, and New England can do what it does often and surprise us all. The storms we all remember, like the 2018 snowstorm and Nor’easter, were unpredictable months ago.

This US winter outlook 2021-2022 temperature map shows warmer than average temperatures in most of the southern and eastern United States, but average temperatures in southeastern Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to northern plains. It is below. – (NOAA, using NWS CPC data)
This map of the winter outlook for US precipitation from 2021 to 2022 shows that the wetter than average occurs in parts of the north, primarily in the northwestern Pacific, northern Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and western Alaska. Indicates that you are likely to. Dryer than average is preferred in Southcentral Alaska, Southern California, Southwestern, and Southeastern California. – ( based on NWSCPC data)

Nationally, it is warmer than average in most of the South and East Coast, especially in the southeast, and cold in the Pacific Northwest. NOAA also predicts a moderate La Niña phenomenon — Below average sea temperature in the eastern Pacific Ocean — It also affects weather patterns. The La Niña phenomenon can lead to cold, rainy weather in the northeast.

“In line with typical La Niña conditions during the winter, some parts of the northern United States are expected to have lower than normal temperatures, but much of the south will have higher than normal temperatures,” said the climate forecast. Jon Gottschalck, Head of Operations Forecasting, said. The center said in the announcement. “The southwest will certainly remain a concern, as most areas are expected to have lower than normal rainfall, which will continue to be drought.”

Droughts are expected to continue and develop in new regions across the country, including the east coast and southeastern part of Florida. Severe droughts continue in the west, but drought improvements are most likely to be seen in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, the Upper Midwest, and Hawaii.

This seasonal US drought outlook map from November 2021 to January 2022 predicts sustained droughts in the western, northern plains, and Missouri River basins. Drought improvement is expected in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Upper Midwest, and Hawaii. – ( based on NWSCPC data)

Here’s how snowy this winter will be, according to NOAA Source link Here’s how snowy this winter will be, according to NOAA

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