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((((NewsNation) — Health officials are monitoring the development of monkeypox outbreaks, but this is not the first outbreak in the United States

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention describes monkeypox as “a rare but potentially serious viral disease, usually starting with a flu-like illness and swollen lymph nodes, with widespread rashes on the face and body.” Is defined as. Monkeypox resembles smallpox, and cases usually originate from West Africa or Central Africa.

In 2003, 47 “possible confirmed cases” were reported in six states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Missouri. Connections with people who have come into contact with pet prairie dogs, According to the CDC.

Investigators tracked the outbreak in the transport of animals sent from Ghana to Texas. The cargo contained about 800 small mammals, including six African rodents.

Later, an Illinois animal dealer housed some of these infected animals near prairie dogs. This eventually infected the prairie dogs. The dog was purchased and the monkeypox was handed over to new owners and others with whom they came into contact.

So how was it contained?

The CDC, several federal agencies, and the public health sector have conducted extensive laboratory tests, deployed smallpox vaccines, and immediately restricted imports of rodents in Africa.

During that time, monkeypox was not transmitted by human-to-human contact, but only from the handling of infected animals.

In 2021, two cases of monkeypox were reported in the United States. In both cases, the patient recently traveled to Nigeria. No other cases were identified after contact tracing and waiting for potential symptoms to occur in potential contacts.

On the other hand, the outbreak in 2022 spread through human-to-human contact. Health officials said the disease was spreading through sexual contact. That intimate contact is believed to be the way it passes rapidly from human to human.

As of Tuesday, the United States has identified 306 cases in 27 states and the District of Columbia. More than 4,700 cases have been found in more than 40 countries outside the African region where the virus is endemic.

There have been no deaths in the United States, and authorities say the risk to US citizens is low. However, they are taking steps to ensure that people are in place with medical measures to address the growing problems.

One of the steps was to increase the number of people recommended for vaccination. Vaccines are usually given to boost people’s immunity before they become infected. However, some vaccines can reduce the severity of symptoms if given within days or weeks of initial infection.

Jynneos, a two-dose vaccine, has been approved for monkeypox in the United States They say the government is taking more of the old smallpox vaccine, ACAM2000, but the vaccine has a high risk of side effects. It is also believed to be not recommended for people who are infected with HIV. Therefore, it is the Jynneos vaccine that authorities are trying to use as the primary weapon against the outbreak of monkeypox.

So far, the government has deployed more than 9,000 vaccines. U.S. officials on Tuesday said they were increasing the amount of Jynneos vaccine available to them, immediately allocating 56,000 doses and about another 240,000 more in the coming weeks. They promised more than a million in the coming months.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Here’s how the US contained a 2003 monkeypox outbreak Source link Here’s how the US contained a 2003 monkeypox outbreak

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