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Here’s how to get an iPhone 13 (almost) free – Kansas City, Missouri

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If someone offered you a free iPhone 13, many of us would shrug it lately, thinking it was a scam.

But, believe it or not, some of these offers are legal and pretty good. Analysis by CNET.com.

Apple’s new iPhone 13 ads are everywhere now, and some argue that you can get a hot new phone for “$ 0”.

But how can a carrier offer a $ 800 phone for free?

Of course you can’t.

But CNET says you shouldn’t just ignore these offers advertised by AT & T, Verizon, When T-Mobile. (If you don’t see the $ 0 promotion, look for the “Get up to $ 800 when you trade in your phone” offer)

They want your business or an ongoing business and, to be honest, give you a big discount on new phones.

CNET explains It all depends on your trade-in and your current plans. In most cases:

  • A modern iPhone X, 11, or 12 should be in good working order. That’s right; my three and a half year old iPhone 7 is out of scope.
  • You must have an unlimited data package or agree to a new one.
  • You agree to pay for “free” phone calls in a 36-month installment plan.

Hidden charges to monitor

So why do we have to pay for a free phone? It’s a pretty discount, but we all know that you’re still paying for it over time.

That’s why It doesn’t stink File: All the additional features that make that free phone non-free.

  • Activation fee: $ 30 to $ 50.
  • Tax: $ 10.
  • Case and screen protector: $ 40.

And of course, the fact that you agree to pay for the current or new unlimited plan for the next three years is a way for providers to make money from their (almost) free phones.

This will soon reach $ 100 and there is an agreement to maintain a career for another 36 months. It stinks if you want it for free.

And don’t dream of terminating your contract after a year. If you don’t, you’ll be asked to pay for the shiny new phone and pay some more.

So are there any good deals for these?

No one intends to give you the new iPhone 13 completely free of charge. It’s like a man on the sidewalk throwing $ 800 or $ 900 in cash.

But if you need a modern phone, CNET says these promotional deals are worth it.

So let them see, and you won’t waste your money.


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