Here’s what Mac Jones said about crucial contest vs. the Bills on MNF – Boston, Massachusetts

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“Soccer lovers want the opportunity to play games like this.”

Mac Jones of the New England Patriots warms up during a match against the Tennessee Titans. Photo by Billy Weiss / Getty Images

Patriot Quarterback Mac Jones will get his first crack in Bills on Monday — Rookie QB’s first chance to play a Monday Night Football game.

The game has many meanings. Bill follows the Patriots in just half the games on the standings. Two contests between teams allow you to decide which team will say goodbye in the playoffs. But to be honest, Jones, who spoke to reporters on Wednesday, refused to express his special enthusiasm for playing in an iconic time frame.

“I think everyone wants a chance to play in the NFL, whether it’s Monday, Sunday or Thursday,” Jones said. “I’m just going out and having fun. Just go there and play the games we all know and love. Have fun anytime, day or day.”

Still, Jones said he would respect Bills and their passionate fan base. He praised Josh Allen and called Bills’ signal sender a “great quarterback.”

“He has all the physical tools,” Jones said. “You see him making some throws that many quarterbacks can’t make. He has great arms and is very athletic. He’s a big guy. Obviously, he’s Really good and has been in the league for the past few years. When he was in the NFL, when I was in college, I liked to see him, and what he did with that crime. It’s great to see. “

Jones will fill his hand: as he said, Bills has One of the best National Defense — First in the allowed yard per game (or 32nd, but you want to see it), first in the total allowed yard (and second per game) and hurry per game 6th in the yard.

“They don’t do a lot of bad things, so we just need to be ready to go,” Jones said. “They have great experience for the most part and some of the young guys intervened and played really well. They have a really good combination of experience and team speed. They work hard. Playing and playing together. It’s a great defense and doesn’t really have many flaws …

“Two great franchises are at odds with each other. Lots of football history. As I said, this game needs to be ready as both teams get excited and generate energy. “

Here’s what Mac Jones said about crucial contest vs. the Bills on MNF Source link Here’s what Mac Jones said about crucial contest vs. the Bills on MNF

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