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Gillian Odd

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Wide receiver Quez Watkins surpassed Giants cornerback Aaron Robinson and stepped inbound to convert third and five with a 19-yard gain in the first quarter of Sunday’s match.

Strong defensive efforts keep the Giants away, but not enough to win

Just five days before the Eagles arrived at MetLife Stadium, the Giants fired attack coordinator Jason Garrett, and all attention was paid to the defense entering the 12th week. Up to the game, the Eagles defense had to be prepared for the unexpected, not knowing what the Giants’ attack would look like on Sunday afternoon. Former Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens, a senior offensive assistant at the Giants, was the play caller, but the Eagles’ defense was still ready.

Linebacker TJ Edwards said, “There was nothing that wasn’t ready. No matter who the coordinator was, there was a good idea of ​​what they would do and how they would attack.” Told. “I thought we fought hard.”

“They did a lot of what we were responsible for. Most of the time they managed the game and ran there and tried to attack us in some way against linebackers, but I Have made adjustments. ” Safety Rodney McLeod. “We were able to get through. I think they were, for the most part, faithful to what they showed in the movie.”

The defense went hunting immediately after the game started. The Giants first got the game in three games in no time. In the first half, the defense spawned some big third downplay. For the Giants’ second possession, cornerback Darius Slay split the path for the Giants’ wide receiver Kenny Goraday in the end zone. This allowed the Giants to reach the only point in the first half of the game, the field goal.

“I thought the defense was a really good match,” said Nick Sirianni. “I was really happy with their play.”

Throughout the game, there were four turnovers due to the Eagles attack, but the defense did not capitalize the Giants. Sales did not lead to points. The defense reduced one of the Giants’ greatest weapons, the Sake One Berkeley, to just 40 yards in 13 attempts, with his greatest profit of 32 yards.

“I did some good things in terms of stopping the run and starting. I needed a turnover and wanted it. I had some chances, but I thought the effort was very positive. “Edwards said. “Late later this year, everyone is still running towards the ball and hitting whatever they see. You think it’s positive.”

Linebacker Alex Singleton, who belonged to injured linebacker Davion Taylor, recorded the team’s best 12 tackles (8 solos), 3 tackle losses and 1 pass defense. Alongside the singleton, the Eagles had three other defenders who defended the pass, and the other four recorded losing tackles. Defensive end Derek Barnett lost in two tackles. Like the attack, the defense had some self-harm. The only touchdown the Giants made was in the third quarter after a pass-interfering call to cornerback Stephen Nelson.

“There’s definitely something we need to fix and learn, but I think it worked well to be together to make sure we know when to stop and to make sure we have to stop,” Edwards said. I am. “It just builds energy with it all day long, regardless of the second half of the game.”

In the fourth quarter, defensive tackle Jabon Hargrave created a giant third downsack for the Giants quarterback Daniel Jones in an attempt to gain momentum in the direction of the Eagles, punting New York. Hargrave built a new career with a single-season sack and recorded his seventh match against the Giants. The game had a lot of good points from the defense, but it wasn’t enough to get to the top of the bird.

-Jillian Odd

What you might have missed

• Left tackle Jordan Myrata was the highest rated 93.5 offensive player in Pro Football Focus’s Eagles. Right tackle Lane Johnson was second.

• Cornerback Avon Temadox was Eagles’ finest defensive player, followed by defensive end Derek Barnett and defensive buttackle Fletcher Cox.

• According to Pro Football Focus, the defensive tackle Jabon Hargrave combined five sack, hit, and haste to lead the Eagles. His Giants quarterback Daniel Jones bag set the highest for the new single season at 7 this year. There were two each of Cox, Josh Sweat in defensive end, and Milton Williams in defensive tackle. Hargrave also led the Eagles with a 22.2% pass rush win rate.

• According to Pro Football Focus, cornerback Darius Slay was reported twice and did not allow the reception. He played an important role in the two third downstops. 3rd and 8th from the Eagles’ 17-yard line in the first quarter, Srey matched to the right of the Giants’ wide receiver Kenny Goraday offense. Giants quarterback Daniel Jones went on a go route to Goraday, and Srey did the extraordinary job of finding and knocking out the ball in the last moment. The Giants settled on the field goal. In the second half of the second quarter, Srey played against wide receiver Darius Slayton. The tight coverage of the sley along the right sideline did not provide an easy window for Jones to make a throw. The Giants settled on a long field goal attempt that Graham Gano missed from a distance of 51 yards.

• The Eagles have been rushing over 200 yards (208) for three consecutive games, marking the longest consecutive win in the club since 1978 (three games). The Eagles also produced more than 175 yards of rush yards for the first time in five consecutive games since 1950 (five games).

• Boston Scott’s running back recorded the Eagles’ 18th rush TD this season. This is the Eagles’ record for the most in 12 games since 1953 (22). Scott achieved a total of 7 TDs (6 rushes, 1 receive) in New York vs. 5 career games, showing that the Giants have the highest TDs per game (1.40) in Eagles history. I am. Scott’s seven TDs rank second among active players and New York, followed by Ezekiel Elliott (8 TDs). Scott finished the game at 64 yards and the TD was 15 carry.

• Quarterback Jalen Hurts finished with an 8-carry (average 9.6) in a 77-yard rush, extending a series of rushes over 50 yards to 6 games. Hearts’ winning streak is the longest in the Eagles quarterback since Randall Cunningham in 1990 (6 games).

• Center Jason Kelce has launched 117 consecutive regular season games. It shows the longest active streak in the NFL Center (the longest streak by the Eagles Center since the 1970 merger). Kelsey’s winning streak is the longest in the NFL Center since the Chris Myers (123 games) in 2007-14.

• Linebacker Alex Singleton posted the team’s best 12 tackles (8 solos) and 3 tackle losses and a 1-pass bias in the game, bringing the total tackle season to the team’s best 95. Leading all linebackers with a start 57 snap on behalf of the singleton Davion Taylor, followed by TJ Edwards (56).

Eagles Insider Summary: The key to accountability as Eagles need to rebound

East Rutherford, NJ- Sometimes you don’t have to dig deeper to understand why the NFL game ended that way. On Sunday, the Eagles played football four times (three times when they owned the Giants territory) and lost to New York 13-7 at MetLife, overcoming the present (4) / takeaway (0) ratio. I could not do it. Stadium. Quarterback Jalen Hurts hit three passcuts and Boston Scott’s running back lost fumble. It was almost a story when the Eagles fell to 5-7 during the season.

“If you lose a turnover battle 4-0, you won’t get anything from it,” said Nick Sirianni.

Hearts said: “Today we put us in a bad situation. We put us in a bad situation with sales in the first half. It was just one of those days.”

The turnover was clearly a murderer and wasn’t characteristic of Hearts, who threw only five picks this year, and offenses, who had only nine giveaways by Sunday. However, it was important for the Giants’ defense to shut down wide receiver DeVonta Smith (2 catches, 22 yards with 4 targets) and tight end Dallas Goedert (1 reception, 0 yards with 3 targets). .. The Eagles relied on runs for most of the second half and accumulated 208 rushyards in 33 attempts, but the games that passed were not tracked.

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