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Beginning in mid-October, Corpus Christi will begin issuing a $ 25 penalty for the resident’s third breach of putting non-recyclable items in the Recycle Bin.

And on the fourth breach, the city will remove the resident’s recycle bin for at least six months. If you want to take the Recycle Bin home, you need to apply to return the cart.

“Removing the recycling cart is not a good thing, basically because it reduces the amount of weekly service we provide to homeowners,” said Mayor Peter Zanoni. “We come home once a week for garbage and every other week for recycling.”

“If you don’t have a recycling cart, that is, your garbage cart can fill up quickly and you can run out of space.”

At a regular meeting on Tuesday, the city council approved the first reading to set a special collection fee for repairing contaminated carts. The second reading will take place before the council in October.

The Corpus Christi Solid Waste Recycling Truck will receive the Recycle Bin on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

Want to opt out of the program?

If you do not want to participate in the city’s recycling program, you can request the removal of the recycling cart.

You can also request a second trash cart for your home. It costs you about $ 11 a month.

To make a request, call the city at 361-826-2489.

Why is the city doing this?

Collection fees are part of a new solid waste program called the Recycling Pollution Reduction Education and Enforcement (CLEAN) Program.

Here’s when Corpus Christi will start recycling penalty fees Source link Here’s when Corpus Christi will start recycling penalty fees

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