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Washington (NEXSTAR) — As the House Budget Committee advances a 591-page, $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package on Monday, many question whether they are eligible for the promised $ 1,400 stimulus check included in the proposal. I’m thinking.

So far simple answer: If you received a check in the previous round, you will receive a check again this time.

It can change as the bill goes to Full House and then to the Senate, but the current plan keeps the income threshold at the same mark for the final $ 600 payment.

If a review is required, those with an income of $ 75,000 or less will receive the full amount, and couples with an income of $ 150,000 or less will receive a relief of $ 2,800. As your income level increases above those thresholds, the amount you receive decreases. Current plans call for the phasing out of direct payments for singles who earn $ 100,000 and couples who earn $ 200,000.

Even Republican leaders and some Democrats are demanding and proposing lower thresholds to ensure that direct payments are targeted at the most needed Americans. But President Joe Biden backed it up.

“Now is the time we should spend. It’s time to grow,” Biden said at a CNN event last week.

In addition to these $ 1,400 payments, the proposal includes an increase in child tax deductions, with a weekly $ 400 federal unemployment allowance added until August. It will provide state and local governments, closed schools, COVID-19 vaccines and tests, and hundreds of billions of dollars to struggling airlines and other businesses.

Democrats have the majority needed to proceed with the deal, but it has never been an easy process.

The Democratic’s thin 10-vote House of Representatives, in the face of strong Republican opposition, leaves little room for leaving, and no one in the 50-50 Senate, which is dominated only by Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote. Not in. The domestic democratic conflict remains over raising the minimum wage, how much assistance to provide to struggling state and local governments, and whether to extend the emergency unemployment allowance for another month.

But at this point, Democrats across the party’s spectrum show little sign that they are willing to embarrass Biden with a remarkable defeat a month after his inauguration.

Such a setback was Biden, the new Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. , And to California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, an early blow that could be her last term as Speaker of the House. Also, failure to effectively unite against clear enemies such as pandemics and icy economies could risk overall impact on Congressional Democrats at the risk of affecting the 2022 elections.

“I’m thinking very seriously before voting against the legislative agenda of my party’s president,” said Democratic consultant Ian Russell. However, he warned that lawmakers would have to decide for themselves “how their votes would be held” at home.

The problem that caused the deepest division is the progressive-led impetus to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 per hour in five years. The current minimum of $ 7.25 came into effect in 2009.

“It was a top priority for progressives,” Republican Progressivist Caucus Chairman Pramila Jayapal said in an interview last week. “This is what we have done and promised to the American people.”

The overall bailout bill, including a minimum wage increase, is expected to clear the House of Representatives, and perhaps the Senate. But the fate of raising the minimum wage is volatile in the Senate, and Joe Manchin, West Virginia, and perhaps the most conservative Democrat at the Chamber of Commerce, says $ 15 is too high. Democratic Senator Kyrsten Cinema suggested she might oppose it too.

Even more ominous, Senators are expected to quickly decide whether the minimum wage provision should be removed from the bill. Under the expedited procedure used by the Democrats, it is not possible to include items that are primarily non-budgetary, and it is unclear whether the Democrats have votes to overturn such decisions.

But since virtually every vote is required, every Democrat has leverage, so there was no obvious threat to withdraw the entire bill unless they gave way.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders, his chamber of commerce minimum wage sponsor, said Democrats must “act boldly” and approve packages that involve raising the minimum wage. He answered indirectly when asked if he was willing to compromise on the overall bill to keep the plan.

“All Democrats understand this moment of history, a moment of unprecedented pain and suffering for working families. We support the President, do what the Americans want, and go through that package. It is absolutely necessary to do it, “he said. interview.

Congressman Brad Schneider, who represents the moderates of the House of Representatives, was also disgusted by the uncontrollable demands. The path to success is “do not compromise the principles and try as hard as you can to get as much as you can to know another day tomorrow,” he said.

Republicans said the bill’s increase in the minimum wage and increased unemployment allowance would cost jobs and discourage people from looking for jobs, saying much of their spending wasted.

“This is a wrong plan for the American working class,” said Republican Rep. Jason Smith, a top Republican member of the Budget Committee. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is pushing for a “band-aid policy” across the Capitol where the Democratic Party is “planning for another year’s stagnation rather than trying to succeed.” Said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Here’s who would get $1,400 under the plan approved by a House committee Source link Here’s who would get $1,400 under the plan approved by a House committee

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