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Virginia Democratic voters will select candidates for three state-wide elections this year in a primary election on Tuesday, and both parties will determine candidates for the House of Representatives and local seats.

The results are of national interest, especially with Governor Marquee’s primary. Federal off-year elections usually get a lot of attention as they could usher in a national trend towards next year’s midterm elections.

Virginia Republicans are trying to break a decade-long losing streak in state-wide races and selected the top ticket nominees during the multi-venue tournament process in May. .. But most Republican nominations for the House of Representatives seats will be settled on Tuesday.

Voters in some areas may also choose candidates for local races, such as sheriffs and federal lawyers.

Early voting has started from the end of April. Voters must already be registered to vote in order to cast ballots.

The polling place is open from 6 am to 7 pm. Anyone in line at 7 pm can vote.

Virginia’s voter identity law was abolished last year, allowing balloters to sign identity confirmations instead of providing their IDs.

Here’s what will be resolved on Tuesday:


Democratic voters will decide whether to reinstate former Governor Terry McAuliffe for another term or consider one of his four adversaries to be the best confrontation with Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. ..

Mr. McCorriff has been a longtime regular in Democratic politics, has a tremendous amount of funding, and has been considered a favorite in the race. Opinion polls show that he generally has an overwhelming advantage. Showing, he has a great financial advantage and has secured the support of high-ranking officials in the state.

Two opponents, State Senator Jennifer McClellan and former House Congressman Jennifer Carroll Foy, are bidding to make history. If either wins the general election, they are Virginia’s first female governor. And became the first black female governor in the United States.

Also, the self-proclaimed socialist Lee Carter del Lee Carter to the left of the group and Lieutenant Justin Fairfax, whose campaign has slowed due to two open allegations of sexual assault filed in 2019. Is also participating in the competition. He strongly denies.

Governor Ralph Northam, like any other governor of Virginia, is prohibited from seeking a term of office for two consecutive terms.

Vice Governor

Six Democrats want a chance to serve as vice-governor. This is primarily a ceremonial job, paying about $ 36,000 a year, but often a stepping stone to higher positions.

Sam Lasole, who has been a member of the House of Representatives on behalf of Roanoke since 2014, has taken the lead in raising funds and is seen by some as a leading candidate. However, most of the Democratic rulers have been united for two terms, led by Representative Hala Ayala, who represents Prince William.

Another runner is Sean Perryman, a lawyer and racial justice activist in northern Virginia. Andria McClellan, Norfolk City Councilor. Businessman Xavier Warren. At the same time, Del Mark Levine is running for Congress.

The winner will face former Republican candidate Del Winsome Sears, who became the first black female Republican to be elected to the Virginia General Assembly 20 years ago.

Sears, who came to the United States from Jamaica as a child and worked for the Marine Corps, served for one term on behalf of part of the House of Representatives Hampton Roads.

Prosecutor General

Incumbent Mark Hering is looking for a third term to fend off a challenge from Congressman Norfolk’s representative Jay Jones.

Former California Senator Herring, who became Attorney General in 2014 and was easily re-elected in 2017, pitched himself to voters as a progressive advocate of abortion rights, gun control, and immigration-friendly policies. He claimed that his experience was the best choice to keep him. A Democratic-controlled office.

Jones, a 32-year-old black man with a two-term term, argued that the office needed a fresh perspective, and the calculations caused by police killing George Floyd last summer I tried to delay Mr. Herring’s response.

Jones has accepted Northam’s support, but many other Democrats, including two of the state’s most powerful black lawmakers, support Herring.

The winner of the primary will face Republican candidate Jason Miyares, a member of the House of Representatives and former prosecutor who has been campaigning for public security.

Representative’s house

Voters select candidates in dozens of House primaries to determine the territory of candidates for the fall general election, which is a hot topic of controversy. Democrats will defend in November trying to maintain a majority.

In the primaries, the Democratic Party has an unusually high number of intra-party challengers, at 14, while the Republican incumbents have only three opponents.

Both parties say they are confident that the incumbent will work.

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