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I can’t believe you fell for that. To be fair, many people shout “clickbait” these days, so it’s time for someone to actually do it. Anyway, let’s talk about that disaster after the Bruins season.

It ended the way it went all the way by encountering a team that could reveal Boston’s forward and lack of D depth.

Someone was trying to take advantage of the fact that Bruins’ Bottom 6 and Bottom 4 weren’t championship calibers. The team shouldn’t have been the New York Islanders.

So make it for every Tuukka Rask you want-he’s certainly part of the end of the Bruins-but you’re calling this season “Rusks tailed to the end of the series, and now I can say he never wins, “you dismiss why they actually lost. It also allows Bruins to stick to a non-functional roster structure.

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They didn’t have enough teams to win as the Bruins blew it against the St. Louis Blues. When they won the President’s Trophy in 2019-20, they were clearly papier-mache tigers. This year they closed the gap with Taylor Hall and Mike Riley, but lost Torey Krug and Zdeno Chara in the previous offseason while adding Craig Smith.

With just the strength of Starpower, Bruins could have defeated the islanders before being fired by Tampa Bay Lightning. The New York roster isn’t good, but it’s deeper. Boston’s Bottom 6 was terrible this season, so at least I could have predicted a group struggling in the series.

But the lack of useful depth of defense is what they ultimately did. When Brandon Carlo left the series in Game 3, B became a circus in his zone.

Rusk’s job injured was to make up for Boston, which had only one reliable defensive pairing, but Matt Gugelchik’s performance in Game 6 pushed that number down to zero. Gugelchik was previously robbed by Kyle Palmieri after choosing a pocket on the blue line to give Brock Nelson a breakaway goal, giving New York a fourth goal on the night.

The pass to Mike Riley in front of the Islanders’ third goal is reminiscent of Cam Newton, who hit a short pass from his running back, so Rusk is now in a state where the rest of his teammates have flipped the puck. I was right there.

But when you see the injured Rusk not rescuing his teammates and most of Bruins’ rosters are substandard, which is the problem? If you just deal with other issues, which one is more likely to remain the issue?

It’s a roster structure, starting with Boston’s inability to draft impact players. Charlie McAvoy is the number one defense and Carlo is an important person in good health. That’s it for the drafting of Don Sweeney.

B walked Krug and the character. They thought one or two had drafted enough men to grow into a big role. I didn’t do any of them. The best result of the experiment was Jeremy Lauzon. Jeremy Lauzon was in the lineup by the end of the season as there was no one else in B.

Bruins wanted the best because he left a hole in the roster and had enough stars to go through a round or two. It didn’t work, and it doesn’t work if they try it again.

Boston’s “Big Three” are halls, rusks, and craches because they relate to contracts with their own guys. They have the fabric to make a team-friendly deal in the hall, but who is his heart? Hoping Jack Stadonica will be the second center would be in line with this year’s defensive treatment, but a wiser play is to bring Creech back another year or two.

What about rusks? Depending on his health and his desire to continue playing, the smartest play is to sign him for $ 5 million for a year or two. It gives you a powerful tandem while understanding whether Jeremy Swayman can take over. There is a risk just giving the net to a good young player. See what happened in Philadelphia this year.

Rusk evaluates his performance in Game 6 defeat to Islanders

But this off-season isn’t just about who’s staying. Boston absolutely must strengthen its defenses.We can exclude them from signing top free agents (great players you may have heard; name Rhymes with Shmuggy Shmamilton), But they need a good second pair of defenses (and maybe some to make sure they don’t get this year’s repeats). Riley is a great third-pair defensive, but played well late in Boston’s regular season and can be overpaid in the open market.

B also requires some stability in the bottom six. Charlie Coyle has fallen a year, but it’s worth focusing on Boston’s questions. Both Jake De Brusk and Nick Ritchie are consumables. While DeBrusk makes sense to be released in the NHL Expansion Draft, Ritchie is a restricted free agent and says buyers will be careful during its postseason (1 point in the last 7 games). Bruins would definitely want to use him in the deal not only to get away from Ritchie, but to get something reliable.

The fourth line in Boston was confused all season. Getting Curtis Lazar helped, but Sean Clari and Chris Wagner were down for years. Clari is a free agent and Trent Frederick should be driving a full-time job.

Every year, the “Is this their last run?” Conversation, and every year Bruins returns to the postseason. It’s clear that they have what they need to get there, but current plans aren’t bringing them any more.

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