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Rebel Wilson and Jacob Bush broke up last month, but he was still able to reach out for her birthday.

No grudge! Rebel Wilson At the age of 41 on March 2, she screamed for her birthday from her ex-boyfriend. Jacob Bush.. Anheuser-Busch’s heir, 29, shared a photo of his previous flames in an Instagram story and wrote a brief Happy Birthday on it.The· pitch perfect The star is still following Jacob on the social media app, so she may have seen his sweet message. But does that mean he’s trying to get her back?

“Jacob was clearly thinking traitor She is still on her birthday Means a lot for him Of course he told her Happy Birthday, “said a source close to the owner of NAPS Ice Cream. Hollywood Life Exclusively. “”Jacob has only good things traitor And he shared a lot of laughter and happy memories with her. “
“in spite of Their divisionI don’t have a hard time and I want to celebrate with my loved ones. ” “He still keeps in touch with her from time to time, and they have very close friends, so it’s not like you’ll never see him again. He’s still following her on social media and they I understand that the roads are just on different roads. “

As long as we do Love Seeing these two come back together, a second source close to Jacob claims that his good news is “there is no hidden agenda.” “The world is negative enough and Jacob doesn’t live his life. He really takes care and takes care of him. traitor And the fact that they are no longer items does not stop him wishing her a wonderful birthday. “

“She’s a great person. They had a great time with each other, and now they’re moving forward and he’s doing it politely,” the source continued. “He doesn’t have time for drama. He wished her a great day. There is no hidden agenda. Jacob is a good guy. It would have been strange if he didn’t want her. Probably. Happy Birthday For those who know him. “

Made by a rebel Most of her birthday Surrounded by girlfriends. She went to Instagram on March 2nd and shared a photo of a spatular celebration at the Mayborn Hotel in Beverly Hills, revealing that the festival was a complete surprise.

In the photo, the rebels posed on the bed in a white monogrammed terry-woven hotel robe, surrounded by six beloved friends. The girls had a great time celebrating the Australian actress, playing with pink balloons and smiling at the camera.

Here’s why – Hollywood Life

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