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After a Tucson-area resident heard on the Nextdoor app that the company that took over her recycling wouldn’t try to recycle it and would instead take it to a landfill, several neighbors responded by canceling the service.

Are the rumors true? The answer is that it depends.

A survey of companies collecting trash in eastern Pima County outside of Tucson found they all accept recycling and only take trash to landfills if it is heavily contaminated. became.

If only one or two households want to recycle, the two smallest businesses may not accept recycling in their neighborhood. It’s not cost effective then.

Recycling is difficult. There is no doubt about that. Winter visitors to Tucson may feel even more so if the rules are different than in summer homes.

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In some parts of the country, residents separate plastic, metal, paper, and often glass into separate bins. This reduces contamination as it is very clear that each bin contains a specific material.

The Tucson area uses single stream recycling. Everything is put in one bin of his and sorted at the material recovery facility. It’s easy to make mistakes when everything fits in one bin.

It’s confusing when one recycler accepts glass and another does not.

I feel it’s okay to put almost anything in a street recycling container if residents don’t believe that what they put in the recycling container is being recycled and instead it’s being taken to a landfill. If they do that, the entire shipment will be contaminated, so it’s almost guaranteed to end up in a landfill.

Recycling rules vary from company to company, so residents can be confused about what to put in the trash.

Courtesy of Republic Service

Do not use a recycling container for garbage. All garbage and recycling companies in the area work with those who want two garbage bins and no recycling bins, or any other combination. This would be preferable to a dirty load. We may also charge an additional fee for the container.

The most important thing to know about recycling in Tucson and Pima County is that you shouldn’t put anything in the trash that doesn’t belong there. This includes plastic grocery bags, greasy pizza boxes, trash, and – something you’d find hard to believe regularly in your trash can – dirty diapers.

The motto of all recycling companies is “When in doubt, throw it away.”

rules of recycling

These items are generally allowed for street recycling.

#1 to #7 plastic bottles and jugs. Rinse them off, then replace the cap.

Cardboard like a packing box. Disassemble them and remove excess packing tape. I do not accept pizza boxes as they are greasy. If the top is clean, remove it and recycle without the bottom.

Cardboard such as cereal or pasta boxes.

Cartons of milk and juice (if clean).

Spam and office paper.

Aluminum cans and other metal food cans. You can leave the label on.

All items should be clean with no food or grease on or inside.

As a general rule, please do not put anything smaller than a tennis ball for recycling on the street. When sorting by machine, these little things can slip through the machine.

Never put plastic shopping bags or flexible plastic materials such as bubble wrap or cellophane into curbside recycling. These can be recycled at most grocery stores.

Some can be recycled and many cannot. Please check your website for more information.

Tucson Environmental Services

Tuxonaz.gov/recycle; 520-791-5000

If you live in the city of Tucson, your trash and recycling will be handled by Tucson. Recycling is collected every other week and delivered to the ReCommunity Recycling Center owned by Republic Services.

Both garbage and recycling containers will be provided by the city.

Tucson does not accept glass for curb recycling. tucne.ws/1l27.

Recycling is brought to the ReCommunity Recycling Center owned by Republic Services.

Fees vary depending on location, homeowners association deal, frequency of pickup required, and other factors.

Both trash and recycling containers are provided.

Waste management will accept items on the standard list, but will also accept glass bottles and jars and be willing to pay a small additional fee to recycle them.No shredded paper.

If a material recovery facility reports heavy contamination from a particular truck, operators may try to be more vigilant in neighborhoods where they serve trucks and educate customers about what is allowed for curbside recycling. Hmm.

disposing of silver points

silvererpointdisposal.com, 520-477-7961

Residential recycling is transported to a landfill site in the Marana area where it is transported to a single stream recycling container. Waste Management then takes the contents to her ReCommunity Recycling Center.

Quarterly fees are typically $65 for two weekly collections, but may vary slightly by location. Discounts are available for military, first responders and teachers, but you should inquire.

One container is included. The customer should put the recycle in pieces (no plastic bags) on the bottom and put all the garbage in the garbage bag and put it on top. Garbage bags will be separated at the time of collection.

Since this is a one-man operation, owner Steven Squires quickly checks for contamination. Anything more than an occasional error will be notified to the customer via email or text.

Silver Point Disposal accepts a standard list of recyclable and glass bottles and jars.

Squier also picks up nearly every other item if the customer informs them in advance. He takes these to the right place, recycles them if necessary, and takes them to a landfill if that’s the only option. .

If you are not a Silver Point Disposal customer, you can call Squires to arrange for pick-up of items that cannot be dropped off with a regular carrier. Fees vary depending on the type of pickup and where you have to go.

Hughes Sanitary Services LLC

Tuxontrash.com, 520-883-5868

Residential recycling is transported to the Tucson Transfer Station on Ina Road. Residents can no longer drop off their recycling at this location.

Rates are up to $10/month for bi-weekly pickups. A trash can is provided. If you request a second trash can, there will be an additional charge. Please bring your own recycling container.

Hughes Sanitation accepts standard recyclable lists, with the exception of #2 to #7 plastics and glass.

If you see stains, leave a flyer for the customer.

Employees work on sorting machines at Republic Services’ recycling center in Tucson.

Rebecca Sasnett, Arizona Daily Star

republic service

Lepblicservices.com and recyclingclingsimplified.com, 520-745-8820

Recycling is taken to a Republic Services material recovery facility.

Garbage and recycling is collected once a week. Fees vary depending on location and his HOA contract. Garbage and recycling bins are provided. Various sizes are available.

Operators try to monitor for contamination, but checking is not easy as they usually use automatic sideloaders.

The Republic accepts a standard list of recyclable items, including glass bottles and bottles.

immediate discard (RAD)

Uselesseconnections.com/arizona, 520-881-4227

RAD is now a Waste Connections in Arizona.go to tucne.ws/1l2a For a comprehensive list of what is accepted.

Recycling is brought to Apache Junction’s material collection facility and hand sorted.

A container is provided. Fees vary depending on location and other circumstances.

RAD put recycling services on hold for several months at the beginning of the COVID outbreak. Regularly return to recycling.

apartment living

What if I live in an apartment with no recycling?

Talk to the complex administrator and convince them to add a recycling container near the trash can.

Take the recycle to your local recycling center. A list of Tucson can be found at: tucne.ws/1l2b Pima County Recycling Information tucne.ws/1l2c.

Johanna Eubank is the Arizona Daily Star’s Digital Producer, Tucson.comShe has been with Starr since 1991 in various roles.

Here’s why your recycling sometimes ends up at a Tucson landfill | Local news Source link Here’s why your recycling sometimes ends up at a Tucson landfill | Local news

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