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Now possible with a $ 800,000 gift From Flora Major and Kutya Major Foundation

In addition to providing generous support to Hermitage, this multi-year gift, starting with a $ 800,000 commitment, defends the establishment of new works of art and the Hermitage Major Theater Awards, and is a playwright or theater for a $ 35,000 annual fee. Award the artist. Create an original work with Hermitage.

(((June 22, 2021Andy Sandberg, Artistic Director and CEO of the Hermitage Artist Retreat, has announced the establishment of the Hermitage Major Theater Awards, a new annual award that recognizes playwrights or theater artists for a fee of $ 35,000. In addition to the Commission, the winners of this annual award will stay in Hermitage to develop new works and receive reading and workshops at major arts and culture centers such as New York, London, Chicago and Los Angeles. Los Angeles. This initiative was made possible by a multi-year donation, starting with a $ 800,000 donation from Flora Major and the Kutya Major Foundation to Hermitage.

The Hermitage Major Theater Awards (HMTA) winners, such as the Hermitage Greenfield Award, which will soon enter 14 seasons and alternate between the fields of music, theater and visual arts, will be nominated and selected by judges across the country. I will. A recognized art leader in the field of theater. New works will be developed and created in Sarasota, Hermitage’s historic campus, and the Commission will also receive workshops or readings in a prominent arts and cultural center. The first year will be held in New York. The first judges and HMTA winners will be selected and announced within a few months. The first committee will be completed in 2022.

In the spirit of Hermitage’s multidisciplinary approach to art, the finalists of the Hermitage Major Theater Awards have established committees to directly or indirectly represent the role and influence of art, including music, literature, theater and vision. Is encouraged to do. – In our culture and society. This outstanding award is designed not as an award for existing works, but as a committee that acts as a catalyst and inspiration for theater artists to create new, original and impactful theaters.

In addition, the award aims to bridge the connection between Sarasota County, where the original work was created, and other major arts and cultural centers around the world. This continued involvement in the creative development of the works of our trans-regional artists is a new step for Hermitage, where this important artistic organization strengthens relationships and is a major art capital of the world. Enables you to build meaningful collaborations with cultural institutions.

“This award is a game changer for the winners. It offers not only a lot of money and awards, but also valuable time, space, inspiration and the opportunity to showcase their work at Hermitage,” he said. Artistic Director and CEO Andy Sandberg said. Of Hermitage. “It’s especially exciting to be able to offer theater writers such gifts and opportunities out of this period of significant closure of the theater industry, and given that the award results in new works each year. It’s a gift to the theater canon. “

Past Hermitage Fellows in theater include Pulitzer Prize-winning David Auburn, Jackie Sibreez Drury, Michael R. Jackson, Donald Margries, Linnottage, Dougright, as well as George Brandt, Adam Kwon, and Emily Mann. Includes ten extraordinary theatrical artists. , Carey Perloff, Zoe Sarnak, Rona Siddiqui and more. Past winners of the Hermitage Greenfield Awards include Areshare Harris (2021), Pulitzer Prize winners Martina Majok (2018) and Nirocruz (2014), John Guale (2011) and Clay Glucus (2009). .. Since its founding in 2002, Hermitage Artist Retreat has provided residency and fellowship to hundreds of artists across theater, music, visual arts, literature and more.

In addition, this gift of leadership by the Flora Major and Kuthia Major Foundation is a bold and impactful new work as Sandberg provides generous support for Hermitage’s core operations and programs.

“It’s exciting to support organizations that are keen to support new and original works,” adds Flora Major. “Hermitage has reached new heights under Andy’s leadership, and with a common passion for the theater, I know he will create something special from this award. All areas. Anyone who appreciates and evaluates art at will need to invest in helping artists in the early stages of the creative process. That’s the beauty of Hermitage. “

Andy Sandberg, a seasoned director, writer and Tony Award-winning producer who started as Artistic Director and CEO of Hermitage in 2020, will build a bridge between Hermitage and Sarasota County, where the Commission is born. I add. Great theaters are frequently developed and staged in other major arts and cultural centers such as New York, London and Chicago. “This award provides the Gulf community with the opportunity to create and introduce this new theatrical work to the world, have a lasting impact on the wider artistic landscape, and the visibility of Hermitage’s influence in other cultural centers. Raise and emphasize the world. A bold new outlook created with Mana Sorta Key. “

Flora Major, founder and trustee of the Kutya Major Foundation, moved to Sarasota in 2005 and soon became involved in the arts and social life of the region. Originally from Hungary, Major was a successful entrepreneur in the telecommunications business in New York and the textile industry in North Carolina. She has participated in several non-profit committees over the years, including the Duke University Eye Center, Duke University Museum of Art, North Carolina Museum of Art, Lennox Hill Hospital Advisory Board, Sarasota Orchestra, Asolo Repertoire Theater, and Raul. The Warrenberg Commission in the United States, and the design of women’s boutiques for the Arts and Humanities. Major is currently a member of the Isothermal Community College Foundation Board, the Ringling College of Art and Design Board, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Advisory Board, and the MIT Arts Council. She has chaired numerous charity events and co-chaired the Hermitage Artist Retreat’s 2020 Artful Lobster and the 2021 Hermitage Greenfield Prize Dinner.

“I was very inspired by the Hermitage Greenfield Award and have seen the transformative effects of the Greenfield Foundation’s generous commitment to Hermitage,” adds Major. “We hope that this new initiative will help others who are passionate about art to recognize and support the important work that Hermitage is doing.”

Hermitage accepts artists for a few weeks stay on the Gulf Coast Mana Sorter Key Campus. There, artists from around the world create and develop new works in multiple disciplines, including visual arts, theater, music and literature. As part of their residency, Hermitage Fellows participate in community programs, giving local audiences a unique opportunity to interact with world-leading artists and “peek” at extraordinary projects and artistic spirits before their work progresses. Provide. Major galleries, concert halls, theaters and museums around the world. These free programs include performances, lectures, interactive experiences, reading, open studios, school programs, teacher workshops and more, serving thousands of people in the local community each year.

For more information on Hermitage, please visit: HermitageArtistRetreat.org..

“For the artist Any I encountered. “

— Craig Lucas, Tony Award Candidate, Hermitage Greenfield Award Winner

“Thanks to Hermitage, some of the most beautiful plays have been written,

And the most beautiful music was made. “

— Emily Mann, playwright, director, Tony Award winner

“Spark plugs for ideas and collaboration: a miraculous mix of music,

Literature, visual arts, theater, nature, and wildlife. “

— Claire Chase, Flutist, MacArthur Genius, Avery Fisher Prize Winner

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  • Hermitage Supporter Flora Major Talks About Hermitage Major Theater Awards at Announcement Event June 21, 2021
  • L. to R .: Hermitage Board President Leslie Edwards, Flora Major, Hermitage Artistic Director and CEO Andy Sandberg at the announcement event of the Hermitage Major Theater Awards on June 21, 2021

About Hermitage Artist Retreat:

Hermitage is a non-profit artist’s hideout in Manasotaky, Florida, and invites skilled artists from a variety of disciplines to the residence on its beachfront campus at the National Register of Historic Places. Hermitage artists are invited to interact with the local community and reach thousands of Gulf Coast residents and visitors each year with a unique and exciting program. Hermitage Fellows include 12 Pulitzer Prize winners, poet laureate, MacArthur “Genius” fellows, and multiple Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners and candidates. Created in this beachside hideaway by a diverse group of Hermitage graduates, the work went to famous theaters, concert halls and galleries around the world. Each year, Hermitage awards the $ 30,000 Hermitage Greenfield Award for new works of art, and the Aspen Music Festival awards the Hermitage Award for annual composition. For more information on the Hermitage Artist Retreat, please visit HermitageArtistRetreat.org.

Hermitage is supported by:

The Hermitage Program is partially supported by awards from the National Endowment for the Arts. By Sarasota County Tourism Development Tax Revenue; by the Department of State, Department of Culture, Florida Arts and Culture Council, Florida (Section 286.25 Florida Law), and the Gulf Community Foundation and Sarasota County Community Foundation.

Hermitage Artist Retreat Announces the Establishment of The Hermitage Major Theater Award
Source link Hermitage Artist Retreat Announces the Establishment of The Hermitage Major Theater Award

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