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Grant from Charles & Margery Barranchik Foundation It provides essential support to the artists during their stay while helping the organization grow its team. Hermitage recently launched a search for new roles such as Managing Director and Artist Alumni Coordinator. This staff expansion is designed to support the influence of organizational artists in the region.

((((June 16, 2022Andy Sandberg, Hermitage Artistic Director and CEO, said today with generous support from the Charles & Margarie Barranchik Foundation that Hermitage will add new staff positions and grow the core team again. Announced.

Over the last two seasons, Hermitage has dramatically expanded community programming and added new positions to accommodate the rapid growth of institutions. Hermitage invites leading artists from around the world to Mana Sota Key’s beachfront campus to provide a bold, original and unusual “sneak peak” to an audience across the community, giving artists and audiences an equally transformative experience. Provide.

“As our programs and collaborations continue to evolve and expand across the region, we build a bridge to new audiences and share the extraordinary educational impact of our programs with students in our community. I’m excited to do that, “says Sandberg. “This generous support not only provides more resources to the diverse and skilled hermitage artists who have a meaningful and lasting impact on the community, but also the staff infrastructure needed to maintain their unique level and quality. We will be able to support the structure. The programming we promise to provide. “

A recent $ 300,000 capacity building grant from the Barancik Foundation has helped Hermitage reach a growing community and educate initiatives, strengthen support for this prestigious national organization for artists, and organize in poorly-schooled and serviced communities. The purpose is to support these efforts, such as expanding the scope and impact of the. ..

“The Hermitage team is deeply rooted in providing a unique arts and educational experience in our community,” said Teri A. Hansen, President and CEO of the Baranchik Foundation. “With this support, Hermitage can expand our connections with our community and inspire new viewers and young minds. We encourage others to join us to support this vision. hoping.”

Artistic Director and CEO Andy Sandberg directed the Hermitage in January 2020. Over the last two seasons, Development Director Amy Wallace, Operations Director Elizabeth Power, Program Manager James Monaghan, and Executive Assistant / Residency Coordinator Sydney Ladendecker have joined us. , And Grants Coordinator Whitney Stone. The organization aims to hire 11 full-time employees by the end of the year and recently launched a search for managing directors, marketing & communications managers, artist alumni coordinators and more. For more information on the jobs available in Hermitage, see HermitageArtistRetreat.org/Jobs.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our wonderful team and the work they are doing,” Sandberg adds. “They are some of the most passionate and hard-working individuals I know and work 24 hours a day to support our mission. It was an exciting growth period for Hermitage. This grant. Allows you to make significant new hires to take your organization to the next level. “

Hermitage is the only major arts organization in the Gulf region and is dedicated to supporting the development and creation of new works across all art disciplines. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Hermitage has offered over 100 live outdoor artist programs for free and accessible to community members. The venue has expanded beyond the beautiful beachfront campus of Hermitage to include outdoor locations throughout Sarasota County, including Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Bay Park Sarasota, the Gulf Conservation Foundation, Ringling Museum, Sarasota Museum, and Boca Grande. New ongoing collaborations include Asolo Repertory Theater, Embracing Our Differences, EnsembleNew SRQ, Florida Studio Theater, New College of Florida, Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota Opera, Urbanite Theater, Venice Theater, Westcoast Black Theater Troupe, ALSO Youth and more. ..

Introduced in the last two seasons, the new program includes dozens of partnerships with major arts, culture and educational institutions throughout the region. One notable example is made possible with the support of the Barancik Foundation. This is the “Hermitage @ Booker” series featuring Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning theatrical legend Paula Vogel, leading jazz musician Luke Stewart, and other Hermitage Fellows. A candid, interactive experience for hundreds of students at Booker High School. Barancik’s funding will also help ensure that Hermitage artists receive the support they need to continue to provide free programming to the community.

Hermitage is accepting artists for a few weeks stay at the Gulf Coast Mana Sota Key Campus. There, artists from around the world create and develop new works in multiple disciplines such as visual arts, theater, music, literature and dance. As part of the Residency, Hermitage Fellows participate in a free community program to engage viewers in the region with world-leading artists and “peek” at the hearts of extraordinary projects and artists before their work progresses. Provides a unique opportunity to do. Visit major galleries, concert halls, theaters and museums around the world. These free programs include performances, lectures, interactive experiences, reading, open studios, school programs, teacher workshops and more, serving thousands of people in the local community each year.

To learn more about Hermitage or to enroll in future community programs, please visit: HermitageArtistRetreat.org..

Hermitage Artist Retreat

(Sarasota County, Florida)

Artistic Director and CEO: Andy Samberg

Hermitage is a non-profit artist’s hideout in Manasotaky, Florida, on the National Register of Historic Places beachfront campus, inviting skilled artists from a variety of disciplines to their place of residence. Hermitage artists are invited to interact with the local community, offering thousands of Gulf residents and visitors a unique and exciting program each year. Hermitage Fellows include 14 Pulitzer Prize winners, Poet laureate, MacArthur’Genius’ Fellows, and multiple Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners and candidates. Created in this beachside hideaway by a diverse group of Hermitage graduates, the work went to famous theaters, concert halls and galleries around the world. Each year, Hermitage receives the $ 30,000 Hermitage Greenfield Award for new works of art, the $ 35,000 Hermitage Major Theater Award for the newly announced original theater committee, and the Hermitage Composition Award at the Aspen Music Festival. Awarded.

For more information, please visit: HermitageArtistRetreat.org..

Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation

The Charles and Margery Barancik family has long believed in the power of philanthropy to shape our world and enrich the lives of all. It was this belief that in 2014 we founded the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, a private family foundation in Sarasota, Florida. The Barancik Foundation creates initiatives and award grants in Sarasota and beyond in the areas of education, humanitarian objectives, arts and culture, environment, and medical research / resources. For more information, please visit BarancikFoundation.org.

Hermitage to Expand Core Team with Grant from Barancik Foundation to Support Diverse Community Programming
Source link Hermitage to Expand Core Team with Grant from Barancik Foundation to Support Diverse Community Programming

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