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‘Hero’ helped save lives with July 4 mass shooting tip – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-07-06 14:34:58 –

Richmond, Virginia-Gerald Smith, police chief of Richmond, Virginia, called the hint that “saves many lives on July 4th” a “heroic citizen.”

The July 1st hint included a man who “threatening a gunfire incident around July 4th” at a city fireworks display in Richmond’s Dogwood Dell.

According to Smith, executives also focused on celebrating Independence Day at Richmond’s Diamonds.

“Their intention was to shoot up our July 4th celebration,” Smith said.

Smith was unable to provide additional details or motives for the mass shootings.

Chip led the police to his home in Julio Alvardo and Richmond.

A police spokesperson said, “The detective conducted surveillance at the address associated with the suspect and the observed activity.” “Knock and talk took place and the man was inside.”

Police searched the house and found two rifles, pistols, and ammunition in the house.

“Unfortunately, the suspect didn’t have any weapons in his room and didn’t make any guilty statements,” a police spokesman wrote. “Homeland Security Survey [HSI] After being consulted about weapons, they advised that owners are prohibited from possessing weapons. He was trapped and charged with an alien in possession of a firearm. “

The second suspect was placed under police surveillance throughout the holiday weekend and detained on July 5.

This article was written by Scott Wise of WTVR.

‘Hero’ helped save lives with July 4 mass shooting tip Source link ‘Hero’ helped save lives with July 4 mass shooting tip

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