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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-09-26 11:37:33 –

Former President Donald Trump embraces Georgia Senator candidate Herschel Walker at the Save America rally in Perry, Georgia, on Saturday, September 25, 2021. (AP photo / Ben Gray)

Herschel Walker shook hands with a megawatt smile and enthusiastic Georgian bulldog football fans before the team’s recent home game, after which he did what he was most famous for. He ran like hell.

The legendary running back that won the 1982 Heisman Trophy Leading Republican Nomination Candidate For the Georgia Senate.

On Saturday, Walker made his first speech since announcing his campaign at Donald Trump’s rally in Perry, central Georgia. The speech took less than 10 minutes, and Walker was so devoted to his biography that he nodded.

“People always ask me if I’m eligible to run for this office,” Walker said. “And I was qualified to run because I love America. I will fight for America.”

In conversations with half a dozen Republican agents, including those related to his campaign, there is consensus on the best public strategy. Walkers do their best by keeping them low.

So far, the campaign has placed Walker in a tightly controlled event and limited his interviews to friendly outlets like Fox News. Otherwise, Walker’s schedule puts him primarily in a closed room, including during an ongoing “listening tour” with a business or community group.

Atlanta veteran Republican strategist Eric Tanenblatt said he didn’t match any of the Senate candidates. “Probably because he is now in school and trained, he has celebrity status and needs to ride it.”

The fear from some Republicans is that Walker is not ready to answer difficult questions about his troubled personal history, including recent claims. Discovered by CNN Investigates Other media outlets have threatened women with more violence than former soccer stars revealed in their memoirs. Later, when CNN asked about a new allegation from a Texas woman, Walker’s campaign refused to respond, and a spokeswoman for the campaign quoted Walker’s fight against mental health problems in the past.

A Republican from the same Georgia said there was concern that Walker was working so closely with his friends that he wasn’t ready to talk about the issue. Former President Trump..

The Walker campaign did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

The bunker strategy is the brainchild of the most experienced adviser in Republican politics in the region who participated in Walker’s campaign. Adjacent South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has sent several top members of his campaign, including longtime adviser Scott Farmer, to help Walker’s team get going.

Graham and Walker are now friends Walker’s 2020 Republican National Convention Speech.. They talked earlier this year about the potential for Walkers to run.

“Herschel Walker is the perfect person to carry the ball for the Republicans in Georgia,” Graham said in a statement to CNN. “He is one of the most rounded people to consider running for public office and will be a transformative senator.”

However, Walker has the difficult problem that even the best consultants have a hard time dealing with it. How do you treat an untested political beginner with a volatile personal history in a winning seat?

Some Republicans say there is little risk that Walker will be able to handle himself well on the road to the campaign when the time comes.

“He’s an outsider who has never run for the office, but much of what Walker has done in his life, from running a business to sports media interviews and speeches, is ready for this,” said one senior. GOP says. Strategist.

But others say Walker’s current only option is to go to the ground.

“Keep his ass in the closet and collect money, as the candidate allows you,” said a Georgia Republican strategist who demanded anonymity. I told you to speak. “I can’t hide it forever, but I can absolutely limit his exposure.”

Others say they don’t rush to the audience before Walker is ready, but next year’s Republican primary is imminent.

“I have enough time,” said Tanenblatt. “But how long can Herschel stay active without having many public events and answering questions?”

For now, the campaign is running on the assumption that support from Georgia’s Walker celebrities and Trump is sufficient to pass the Republican primary.

So far, his only important Republican opponents are state agricultural commissioner Gary Black and unknown former Navy seal Latham Sadler, who has demonstrated funding prowess. Georgian Republicans say the road to Black or Sadler’s nomination is narrow and requires a major collapse for Walker.

Candidates can be submitted to the Georgia primary by March 2022. This leaves ample time for other prominent Republicans, such as former Senator David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, to take part in the race if they find an opportunity.

Still, successful acceptance of Walker will require support from Republicans in Washington State. In a recent interview with Politico, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell seemed to ease his behind-the-scenes opposition to Walker’s candidacy.

“I think there are all the signs that he will be a good candidate,” McConnell told Politico.

But if the Republican nomination is Walker’s defeat, the general election is another story. Incumbent is Democrat Raphael Warnock, who was elected in the January final vote to end the term of retired Republican Johnny Isakson. Warnock was one of Georgia’s most popular elected officials and remained relatively unobtrusive during the first nine months of the Senate.

Some have pointed out that nominating a black Republican like Walker gives the GOP the best chance of knocking off Warnock, who is also black. But the relationship between Walker and Trump — the two have been friends for decades, and Walker was a prominent representative of the then president in 2020 — many Republican strategists are worried.

“A person talking in the Republican universe, [Walker] Another Republican strategist in Georgia said he demanded that he speak openly about anonymous and personal conversations.

This is mainly due to the recent change in Georgia from solid red to purple. The state voted for Joe Biden after voting for Republican candidates in six consecutive presidential elections. Performing Warnock primarily as Trump’s ally against Warnock is a dangerous bet for the Republicans in otherwise winning races.

“He can’t be a candidate approved by Donald Trump. People need to know who Herschel Walker is as an individual,” Tanenblatt said.

But at a rally in Perry on Saturday, Trump began to conclude his long remarks, so he asked Walker to return to the stage again. In some additional words, a longtime friend of the former president revealed that he was in line with Trump.

“Once in the Senate, I want to be a great leader like him,” Walker said.

Herschel Walker is often seen and seldom heard as Senate campaign gets rolling Source link Herschel Walker is often seen and seldom heard as Senate campaign gets rolling

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