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Hey Spirit! Catch medium Theresa Caputo’s live shows in Baton Rouge and New Orleans next weekend | Movies/TV – New Orleans, Louisiana

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When it comes to “Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience,” the well-known media certainly says one thing-“Spirit” runs the show.

“Spirit” refers to those who have died, reaching out to or “going forward” to her named “Hay Spirit” in a podcast born of Capto, personal reading, television series, and pandemics. It is a way to collectively refer to the soul. Yes, according to the 54-year-old psychic / celebrity, the “spirit” is in Zoom.

The “Theresa Caputo Live!” Tour will land in Louisiana next weekend, with a show on Saturday night in Baton Rouge and Sunday afternoon in New Orleans.

Don’t worry if you’ve never seen a cheerful long islander with a blonde bouffant on TLC’s “Long Island Medium” (2011-19), or more recently Discovery Plus’s “Long Island Medium: There in Spirit”. A sizzle reel will be played at the beginning of the evening to catch up with you.

Caputo admits that many people who participate in “The Experience” just tag with friends and loved ones, so they don’t know what to expect.

When Capto arrives on stage, she gives a brief speech on how to read and communicate the souls of the deceased, and it’s the “spirit” turn.

“When I feel and start to sense them, I get off the stage,” she explains. “There are cameras around us and a big screen so you can feel and participate in this wonderful experience no matter where you sit.”

Fans of the television series accustomed to her one-on-one reading may wonder if a large audience presents more challenges for Caputo.

“No, it has nothing to do with me, so it has something to do with the’spirit’,” she emphasizes. “The soul of the deceased is standing together. When I read it, it seems that I am not part of my body.

“It’s like I’m leaving, allowing the’spirit’to take over my body. They guide me around the theater and stop me in front of someone, so someone It’s a sign from the “spirit” because I feel like I’m literally stuck, even if I claim the information is clear throughout the theater. You need to stay there and keep delivering the message. “

And that’s those messages to loved ones who are still in the real world, which is why Caputo has shared her abilities as a medium since 9/11.

She first realized that she could communicate with her relatives who died at the age of four, but only at the age of 28 did she connect with her deceased loved ones, but everyone else. Capto said it was done. ..

“I struggled with my gifts for five years. Since 9/11, people didn’t know what happened to their loved ones, so I knew this was what I had to do.” Caputo says. “Many of them were unable to recover their bodies. These people deserved peace and needed healing …

“I handed my gift into the hands of God and said that if this was a journey of my soul, I would like to use my gift for healing. What people will find after losing a loved one. I want to help you embrace life with as much happiness and joy as you can. And now, more than 20 years later, I am here. “

Ironically, the divorced mothers of the two recent TLC specials “Long Island Medium: In Memory of 9/11” were criticized for being deaf, marking the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

“Some commented that I didn’t understand the criticism and was insensitive. When I thought about it, how insensitive it was that my family had to do for 20 years each year, reading these books and meeting with my family. Do you want to relive the passage of your loved ones every minute and every detail throughout the day?

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“For me, the 9/11 special case, in addition to having a child, will probably be one of the most important things I have ever done in my gifts and life … emotional. You can’t talk about it without becoming. “”

Expect moving moments at the “The Experience” show.

“Everyone who comes to the show walks through the theater hoping to get in touch with their deceased loved one. It’s so emotional because when that moment happens, you can’t believe it’s really happening. “Capto says. “Then’Spirit’let me talk about what they are,’Wait a minute, how does she know that?’

Many are amazed by the message that Capto is associated with, whether it’s a word often used by loved ones, an important one known only to the family, or something that happened after the loved one left. ..

Years of reading have taught Capto that there are common burdens and guilt that many survivors have.

“Unfortunately, when we lose our loved ones, no matter how they die, old and young, tragic, we have seen us suffering from illness for years. We are sometimes left with a burden and a feeling of guilt.

“If so, we should, should, have done. After all, all these negative emotions we have for ourselves after losing a loved one are me. Don’t give them. Healing ability. So if you come to a live experience, it’s about healing. “

Theresa Caputo Live!experience

when: Saturday, October 16th, 7:30 pm

where: Raise Kane’s River Center Arena, 275 S. River Road, Baton Rouge

tickets: $ 49- $ 99

Theresa Caputo Live!experience

when: Sunday, October 17, 3:00 pm

where: Saenger Theater, 1111 Canal St., New Orleans

tickets: $ 49- $ 99

Hey Spirit! Catch medium Theresa Caputo’s live shows in Baton Rouge and New Orleans next weekend | Movies/TV Source link Hey Spirit! Catch medium Theresa Caputo’s live shows in Baton Rouge and New Orleans next weekend | Movies/TV

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