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Wimauma, Florida — Students at the RCMA Wimauma Community Academy, who call themselves chicken tenders, love to take care of chickens on the school’s K-8 campus.

“We take care of them. We bathed them.”

The huts are next to the garden and hydroponics, all teaching students’ life skills and even math.

Mark Hugget, Principal of Wimauma’s RMCA Community Academy, said: “I liked it. But great staff, family, great programs of family involvement are very high here and they are very involved. They say that other parents want their kids. Similarly, I want the best. “

The school is bilingual and accommodates immigrant families in and around Wimauma.

Hugget just celebrated his 20th anniversary on campus.

“I celebrated my 20th anniversary in July. I’m from a family working on a farm in northern New York, so it’s related to the amount and effort parents provide to help their children get a better education. “Hugget said.” Our kids are the most resilient kids I’ve ever seen. They’re very diligent. They always do their best. And I know that many of them first graduate from high school and go on to college. A very impressive group of children work together. It’s very rewarding to work here. It’s an experience. “

Hugget is also surrounded by a team of teachers and educators who are making a difference. I also paid attention to Tampa Bay Lightning. Joe Puente has been named Lightning Community Hero and has given RCMA a $ 50,000 grant.

“We are a non-profit organization, so we had to fund a lot of all the projects we could do, and one of our big projects is the roof on the sports court. Is to add, “explained Puente. “And we got $ 50,000 for the court, so it will contribute to that.”

Puente is the school’s sports director. Many of the kids here are playing soccer, so being introduced to hockey was new to many of them.

“Because I have a stick, let’s learn different ways to control the ball, especially by hand, but it was a sport worth learning.”

But for Puente, this was important.

“So I grew up in the community, and I know a life where many students live because I’m from the same life. And basically if they really try, they’re especially in sports. Can accomplish that, and it only shows that you live a better life. ”

Next, Puente helped the ball hockey team win the tournament.

“The main part is that hockey is so new to our community that it’s like exposing kids. In fact, there are kids who haven’t moved from learning ball hockey to ice hockey. I hope he will play in the league someday, and I know he has a big dream. ”

Second, RCMA is growing state-wide. Currently, they are preparing to expand at Mulberry School.

“I think it’s a safe place for students to spend comfortably and have access to opportunities,” said Linda Miles Adams, RCMA board member. “Part of our mission is to open the door to opportunities. Therefore, around Tampa, this school has helped children see, dream and see what they can do. There are lots of great partnerships from. “

You can read more about their mission Please click here.

Hidden gem in Wimauma at RCMA Community Academy Source link Hidden gem in Wimauma at RCMA Community Academy

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