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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2022-06-26 21:03:42 –

Sand Springs, Oklahoma — Gasoline prices are impacting not only road drivers, but also summer activities.

With these warm temperatures, many people cool down and flee to the lake to enjoy some fun.

Boaters this summer are faced with high gas prices that can hinder the enjoyment of many visitors.

Keystone Lake is a popular spot to enjoy the sun, cool underwater and spend time with family and friends.

For Brody Todd, it’s no longer fun to see the price he’s paying to withdraw Sea-Doo.

“Of course fuel prices are rising, so we all like to go out and have fun, but just filling $ 100 will probably fill it. It’s fun no longer. I’m just making it where I don’t really intend to cover all of it, “Todd said.

He said it was twice what he was paying.

As a result, Todd said he went out to the lake less often.

Sometimes I go every other week or less.

“It’s frustrating to know that I and my family love to come out. We all want to have a good time. And now it costs a lot of money. It’s just not worth it anymore, “said Todd.

Not only the Sea-Doo gas, but also the gas for driving trucks that carry the gas back and forth must be considered.

“We’re trying to be as cheap as possible to get out here and have the most fun, but I think it’s still close to $ 4.60 per gallon. That’s crazy, trucks are close to $ 6 per gallon. “I will,” says Todd.

He said his Sea-Doo full tank would normally last him a full day.

“Come all day and have as much fun as you can, otherwise you’ll just be at home and you won’t know how much it will cost,” says Todd.

Most sailors agreed that high gas prices are affecting them and how often they come, but some sailors are willing to pay for it to come out every weekend, although it’s expensive. I said there is.

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High gas prices affecting summer fun on the lake Source link High gas prices affecting summer fun on the lake

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