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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Domestic jobs have reached record highs. According to the Jobs and Turnover Survey, there were 10.9 million jobs in July.

Danny Howe, Pima County One-Stop Labor Development Specialist, said:

Howe says the trend is reflected in Pima County.

“All industries, all sectors are adopting all kinds of positions at this point. And we are looking at Amazon, they came in just 2,000-3,000 positions, and then UPS successfully It’s coming, so it’s not like your small entry-level position, it’s actually a career path-type position, “Howe said.

To add to the pool, UPS employs approximately 700 seasonal employees in the Tucson area to prepare for the expected increase in package volume during the holidays.

“Individual vehicle drivers are hired for $ 21 per hour. Seasonal drivers are also hired for $ 21 per hour. We also employ package handlers and seasonal driver helpers to assist in driver delivery. We will pay $ 15 per hour for these jobs, “said Luis Garindo, Tusson UPSHR Manager.

And UPS says Tucson has room for growth.

“About one-third of our season will be in a permanent position. Depending on the candidate’s tastes, some will be part-time and some will be full-time,” Garind said. increase.

UPS adopts the following.

  • 50 package handlers
  • 10 season drivers
  • 150 Seasonal Personal Vehicle Driver
  • 6 part-time seasonal supervisor
  • 250 Season Driver Helper (if used)
  • Package Handler: $ 15 / HR
  • Seasonal driver: $ 21 / HR
  • Part-time Seasonal Supervisor: $ 19 / HR
  • Seasonal Personal Vehicle Driver: $ 21 / HR
  • Seasonal Driver Helper: $ 15 / HR


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High number of job openings in Pima County Source link High number of job openings in Pima County

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