High prices and long wait times barrier to mental healthcare – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-19 11:17:10 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — In 2021, more people talked about mental health, but some people couldn’t get the help they needed because of the high prices and long wait times.

according to Kaiser Family Foundation, 13% of those who abandon mental health care do so because they can’t afford it, and 12% say they can’t be covered by insurance.

Dr. Abby Bjornsen-Ramig, a psychologist and associate professor of counseling at UNO, says he learned that high costs can keep people away from counseling.

“One-hour treatment sessions can be very expensive at your own expense,” said Bjornsen Ramig. “We’re looking at $ 60 to $ 250 per hour, so it’s very expensive.” I am.

Even with insurance, finding counselors in the network and learning about their fees requires some work.

Bjornsen-Ramig says some people stop counseling when they run out of all covered sessions.

Following a pandemic where many people are dealing with anxiety and depression, it can take months to make an appointment.

“So it can be discouraging even if you have the courage to finally reach out for help and there are no plans available,” Bjornsen-Lamig said.

in the meantime, Community clinics like UNO We offer affordable options for those in need. According to Bjornsen-Ramig, graduate students provide counseling under the supervision of qualified professionals in the clinic, and the session costs about $ 10.

NS US Open Family Alliance for the Mentally Handicapped (NAMI) is provided free of charge for those in need of classes and support groups.

Carrin Meadows, executive director of Nebraska NAMI, says that since the pandemic began, online meeting spaces have been available to provide more support.

“Our program can complement or complement what you currently have, and in the current virtual world we have, it’s great because NAMIs across the country are working together. So if someone in Omaha wants to attend the meeting and can’t attend the meeting at that time, they can attend in Hawaii. “

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High prices and long wait times barrier to mental healthcare Source link High prices and long wait times barrier to mental healthcare

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