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High-speed internet work begins for remote Nevada community | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-08-28 17:17:00 –

Spring Creek, Nevada (AP) — The high-speed fiber optic Internet has finally arrived in a remote area of ​​northeastern Nevada — the company that provided telegraph services to the area in 1889 and called seven years later.

NS Elko Daily Free Press Report CC Communications launched a project to supply broadband to Spring Creek on July 28th.

“We know that everyone we talk to is excited,” the company’s overseer, Jay Ringenfelder, told the newspaper.

John Kerr, chairman of the Elko County Commission, said Internet services were needed.

“We all suffer from a very slow and unreliable internet,” he said. “The Internet is now like natural gas and electricity. It’s now more practical.”

CC Communications was Churchill County Telephone when it entered the mobile phone market in 1990. Five years later, it adapted to the Internet and renamed it.

The Spring Creek project and Elco’s NNE Construction will install a large orange conduit to carry fiber optic services to the four Spring Creek Association subdivisions and Pleasant Valley Estate southeast of Elco.

The company has partnered with Elco County to apply to CC Communications for a fixed broadband service grant that will pay CC Communications about $ 7 million, or 40% of the $ 18 million project cost. The remaining funds will be borne by the broadband provider.

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