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High tech mitigation protecting Colorado Springs water – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — New fire protection technology is working on the North Catamount Reservoir on the northern slopes of Pikes Peak. Eric Howell, Forest Program Manager, Colorado Springs Utility, said: This work is a Colorado Springs Utility project to better protect the water supply of reservoirs by thinning dead and endangered trees from the surrounding forests.

Cutting vegetation with heavy machinery is nothing new.

Unlike this project, it is a new kind of machine in the area called a harvester cut to the length contracted through an Oregon forestry company. Mirror Timber Service, Forester and Vice President of Matthew Matioda, said:

With one operator in a sealed cab, the machine travels through the woods on eight wide wheels. There is a large arm with multiple joints and pivot points that moves the cutting head to remove problematic trees and leave healthier trees barely disturbed.

Being able to work on steep slopes is a major advantage of mitigation work on the hillside. “Technological advances allow us to run machines on slopes of up to 85%, and perhaps 90%, so we can work efficiently and safely,” says Mattioda. Labor required for steep grades.

The cutting head is strong, quick and versatile. In a few seconds, it cuts the wood, turns it sideways, and gives it gears and knives to turn the wood into timber-ready logs. “I’m pulling on the tree to remove the limbs and at the same time reading the length and diameter of the tree,” says Mattioda. Computerized sensors cut all logs to the same length.

Followed by another forest-friendly heavy machine. Instead of dragging the logs across the floor, lift and stack the logs.

Make your computer smart, efficient and agile with a single machine with multiple mechanisms. We work hard with the goal of minimizing damage to the forest. “Ultimately, the stand we put behind is more important than the stand down the road, so it’s about making sure we’re protecting the forest,” said Matioda.

High tech mitigation protecting Colorado Springs water Source link High tech mitigation protecting Colorado Springs water

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