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High vaccination rates, Future of Work Task Force progress and more – UCCS Communique – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-17 10:29:10 –

At the second virtual city hall in the fall semester of 2021, Prime Minister Venkat Reddy and a panel of campus leaders presented updates on the UCCS vaccine certification process, future plans for the university and more.

Prime Minister Lady has opened a town hall with important points such as the latest information on strong immunization rates for the university population, the latest information on registration and budget, and the celebration of autumn athletics.

Stephanie Roses Paulding, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, encourages all campus community members to complete campus workplace and climate surveys across the University of Colorado when it begins on October 12. Did. The latest information on university-wide research efforts. Harper Johnson, Assistant Vice President of Technology and Human Resources, shared the implementation of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act by the University. The city hall was then opened for a question and answer session with campus experts.

See the important points below.

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection)

  • The UCCS campus community reports high immunization rates. Over 98% of employees report vaccination, and over 80% of students report the same. Details >>
  • Campus data and reports from the Colorado Immunization Database confirm the accuracy of campus-wide certification rates. Details >>
  • Due to strong facial compliance and high vaccination rates covering executive instructions, there were no cases of viral infection in the UCSS classroom or workplace settings during the pandemic. Details >>
  • However, at this stage of the pandemic, facial coverings are still important, and enforcement procedures are being implemented for individuals who do not comply with the Facial Covering Enforcement Directive indoors. Details >>
  • UCCS continues to conduct contact tracing on campus. Vaccinated individuals exposed to positive cases are required to monitor their symptoms for 14 days and undergo a COVID-19 test 3-5 days after exposure. Unvaccinated individuals are required to be quarantined. If an individual has not completed vaccination certification, he or she will be considered unvaccinated and will be placed in quarantine. Details >>
  • The wellness center aims to complete contact tracing for known exposures within 24-48 hours. Details >>
  • To make contact tracing faster and more efficient, the university appreciates the benefits of requesting voluntary vaccine card uploads, starting with students and followed by faculty and staff. If enacted, a timeline for voluntary upload requests will be announced in future campus communications. Details >>
  • The Wellness Center continues to provide vaccine clinics to anyone who wishes to be vaccinated. Details >>

Budget and registration

  • The university has met the Fall 2021 forecast for student credit registration. This fall, the number of first-year, out-of-state, and transfer students enrolled increased, but the retention rate of students enrolled in college in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021 declined. Details >>

Leadership update

  • UCCS’s new Provost and Search Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vice Presidents aims to bring finalist candidates to campus in November and October, respectively. Details >>

Campus announcement

  • The CU-wide campus workplace and climate survey will begin on October 12. All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to answer. Details >>
  • Following the 2030 Strategic Plan, the university will soon begin a new phase of its core strategy of strategic planning for intentional investment in people, processes and infrastructure. Members of the campus community are encouraged to provide feedback throughout the process. Details >>
  • In addition, the university has begun implementing the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act throughout the campus. Details >>
  • Faculty members who are considered subject to wage discrepancies should consider the university’s policy regarding salary complaints for faculty members within each university. Staff cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Details >>
  • The Future of Work Task Force is in the process of formalizing recommendations for each of the three subcommittees submitted to the Cabinet from late October to early November. Universities may begin implementing these recommendations as early as January 2022. Details >>
  • The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund continues to make emergency financial assistance available to UCSS students. Details >>
  • Campus feedback is sought as the Office of Sustainability plans sustainability for the next decade at UCSS. Any member of the campus community can fill out a feedback form with ideas for promoting sustainability. Details >>

Closing the City Hall, Prime Minister Lady shared the story of current students at UCSS. He is not only a competitive figure skater, but also carries out a one-year research project with UCCS faculty members who are very important to human health. Pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

“Our students deal with a lot, but they are also constantly striving to achieve their dreams, and our job to support them is It has a real impact on their lives and their future, “Lady said.

“Remember that we are facing these challenges together. And the work we do every day is important. It helps to make a difference in our lives. The success of our students. Without your commitment to, the dreams of students like Madison will just remain dreams. Together, we will transform the world and maintain resilience during these difficult times. I can.”

Members of the UCCS community can submit additional questions and Survey response For an event.

High vaccination rates, Future of Work Task Force progress and more – UCCS Communique Source link High vaccination rates, Future of Work Task Force progress and more – UCCS Communique

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