Hilarie Burton responds to claiming Chad Michael Murray caused the “OTH” exit

Clean the air.Both Hilarie Burton When Chad Michael Murray left One Tree Hill At the end of Season 6 of 2009, one exit had nothing to do with the other. The actress shared on Twitter on Monday, August 2nd.

“@HilarieBurton said her departure was informal and could at least blame it on Chad in Chad at the time. I think he’s growing now, but it’s wtf.” The fans tweeted at the time.

former Dad’s council Star, 38, answered, “I don’t know where your information came from, but Chad had nothing to do with my leaving. We were both treated badly and he defended me. Thank you for your support and I would like to make it clear that Chad is my teammate. My boss was s–ts. ”

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The follower then responded again, stating that she apparently “read some false information,” but is a big fan of both Burton and Murray, and is 39 years old.

“Babe, don’t worry” White collar Alum tweeted. “I’ve heard that rumor many times over the years. I care about OTH’s family and someone doesn’t want to carry fake luggage, so I’ll fix it. Thank you! Xo. “

Burton and Murray played Peyton and Lucas in a six-season CW drama, respectively. During their last episode, the on-off couple tied a knot and welcomed their daughter before deciding to leave the town.

Cinderella Story stars are back in season 9 for a cameo appearance, but the previous VJ didn’t come back later Explain its creator Mark Schwan It was to be responsible.

Hilarie Burton Chad Michael Murray on Claims Caused OTH Exit

2017, Burton and 16 other female cast members Wrote an open letter Condemn Showrunner for sexual misconduct. walking Dead Alum elaborated on her own experience with Schwan in another part. Blame him for sexual harassment.. (Schwan never publicly commented on the claim, but this time he was fired from his then job as a showrunner. Royals.. )

“I was the loudest and roughest around the edge, and I pretended to be an” I don’t give as-t “attitude.But in the end, I was the girl who was assaulted anyway for approval, “she wrote to her. Book of 2020, Country diary, After she appeared to the writer, she She was afraid she would never work again.. “After I left One Tree Hill, I didn’t try to tell the truth to the media because I believed it was the cause of the loss. And I was a coward. From a toxic situation I was away from my favorite job just to quit. I quit auditioning. I abandoned my childhood dream of becoming an actress because it wasn’t worth playing the game. “

At the time of their departure, rumors swirled that the decision had resulted in negotiations. “Chad and I are good friends. I’m not going to talk for him, but it wasn’t a sudden decision for either part of us,” she said. Entertainment Weekly.. “He is very considerate of the show and his fans. It’s not an easy decision, but he can grow up.”

NS Wax figure of meat The star has never publicly commented on why he chose to end.

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Hilarie Burton responds to claiming Chad Michael Murray caused the “OTH” exit

Source link Hilarie Burton responds to claiming Chad Michael Murray caused the “OTH” exit

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