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Tampa, Florida 2021-08-04 07:42:43 –

Tampa, Florida — Last year, a Facebook group started when thousands of people in Hillsborough County saw local teachers help with school supplies.

Every year, teachers use their money to stockpile supplies in the classroom. Knowing this, Brooke Elkins created an Adopt-a-Teacher group to help teachers prepare to return to school. This is backed up and implemented for the new school year.

Previous report: Approximately 8,000 people join the Hillsboro Teacher Adoption group to purchase supplies for local educators

This group allows teachers to share Amazon’s wishlist and other items that students need for a successful grade again. Elkins says that many items like COVID-19 supplies are not offered to teachers.

“This year the list is back a bit more normal, but there are still some of the COVID supplies they are looking for, and there are still wipe and tissue requests. These are not necessarily provided by the school to teachers. And many of these come out of the teacher’s pocket, “said Brooke Elkins, founder of the Adopt-a-Teacher Facebook group.

This year’s Facebook group is organized by specific schools, making it easier to find teachers. If you would like to help or share your teacher’s wish list, check out the group’s Facebook page. here..

Hillsborough County Adopt-a-Teacher Facebook group is back Source link Hillsborough County Adopt-a-Teacher Facebook group is back

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