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Hillsborough County, Florida (CW44 News At 10) – Despite the Governor’s decision to suspend all state-wide COVID-19 restrictions, the Hillsborough County Commission has resolved to extend the county’s state of emergency.

Dr. Thomas Unnash, a public health expert at the University of South Florida, says people still need to take precautions for COVID-19, despite the governor’s executive order. Failure to do so could lead to a surge in Covid cases in the next phase. Month. He adds: [about the governor’s order] To tell the truth, we are now away from the backend, which is plunging into the fourth wave of infection. “

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As of Wednesday, county officials say almost 46% of eligible people in Hillsborough County are vaccinated. Dr. Unnasch said: “I hope we’re at a stage where it doesn’t make a big difference, but I think we’re making a huge bet. About 75% or 80% of the population will be prevented before we can really be protected. You need to be vaccinated. “

A common concern is that the governor’s decision can cause significant spikes in coronavirus cases. “If we waited perhaps another five weeks before he declared this, we’re probably at the end of the fourth wave, and this entire pandemic is disappearing, which will be a bad memory this summer. By “Unnasch said.

Despite the governor’s order, five of the six county commissioners resolved to extend the state of emergency, primarily because of financial funding.

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County Commissioner Kimberly Overman conveyed her fears at a meeting. We have seen other countries now plunge into a second, essentially global surge in what is happening. At the extreme, it’s important to recognize that the second surge is a risk. “

Overman says people still need to wear masks and social distance, but one woman who spoke during public comments at a conference on Wednesday disagreed and went to school because of mask obligations. I pointed out the children who didn’t want to go.

To that point, Dr. Unnasch says that if people are not completely vaccinated, they are as safe as possible and need to wear a mask. “If you give up and lie down in this marathon 100 yards before the finish line, you will not be able to finish.”

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District attorneys say local emergencies do not impose COVID-19 restrictions, but instead make it easier for counties to receive COVID-19-related funds from FEMA.

Hillsborough County Commission Extends Local State Of Emergency – CBS Atlanta Source link Hillsborough County Commission Extends Local State Of Emergency – CBS Atlanta

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