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Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-05-24 21:14:50 –

Hilo, Hawaii (KHON2) —The Big Island Police arrested and charged Hilo’s 37-year-old Skyler John Fisher for drug and firearm-related crimes on Friday, May 20.

Immediately after 5:15 pm on Friday, Hawaii police said a South Hilo Patrol police officer responded to a weapons incident in the parking lot of a shopping center on Kilauea Avenue, 500 blocks.

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According to police, police contacted two male victims who reported that their car had collided with another in the parking lot. As the victim got out of the car, another car driver attacked one of the male victims with a firearm.

Fisher fled the scene before police arrived, but was later placed in the parking lot of a gas station on Kamehameha Avenue. He was arrested and his car was recovered as evidence.

On Saturday, May 21, a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division of Area I issued an investigation warrant for Fisher’s vehicle. In the car, police found the following:

  1. Loaded semi-automatic pistol
  2. Loaded revolver
  3. Unloaded semi-automatic pistol
  4. AR-15 type rifle
  5. Bolt action rifle
  6. Pump action shotgun
  7. Pistol silencer
  8. Ammunition of other calibers
  9. Approximately 270 ml of testosterone enanthic acid (liquid steroid)
  10. Over 200 steroids
  11. Over 1000 diazepam pills

Fisher has been charged with more than 10 crimes, including terrorist intimidation, assault, firearms, and drug charges.

His bail was set at $ 68,000.

Hilo man charged for drug, firearm offenses Source link Hilo man charged for drug, firearm offenses

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