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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-06-16 16:34:57 –

After being stabbed seven times in the house on Thursday morning, the two Hiro’s mothers are in a “serious but stable state.”

Hilo’s Cyrus Jabilona, ​​24, was charged with a second attempted murder and domestic violence after stabbing 25-year-old Cheylee Octavio seven times at her home in Kimo Place, Hilo.

“He tried to kill her,” Octavio’s sister Chongshi Lin Agbayani said on Friday. “If he were an inch away, we would have a much different conversation.”

Octavio’s grandmother Paula Agrigado said Jabilona was the father of one of Octavio’s two children, who were no longer partners at the time of the incident.

Agbayani said she was watching her sister’s children while Octavio completed her college homework on Wednesday. During the day, Javirona contacted Octavio and asked him to meet the children. She agreed with it.

“I dropped (his son) with him, and we had no real interaction, and I drove,” Agbayani said.

“In retrospect, I wish I had children so my sister wouldn’t have to experience this.”

At some point late Wednesday, Agrigado said Octavio had picked up her children at Javirona’s residence.

But this led to a conflict, she said, with Javirona picking up Octavio’s phone.

Agrigado said he stabbed her back when Octavio turned away from Javirona.

Javirona is said to have stabbed Octavio with his back and legs six more times before finally pointing his weapon at himself.

Hawaii police reported that he was sent to the Hilo Medical Center in a stable condition with multiple self-harms on his chest and arms.

“As far as I know, he’s not dead,” Agbayani said. “But to be honest, I really don’t care how he does.”

Octavio was able to put himself in the bedroom of Javirona’s mother, who called the police at 12:26 am. Agrigado said Javirona’s mother was too hysterical for the coordinator to understand her and had to speak to Octavio herself.

After that, Octavio used his home phone in Javirona to call his mother, Agrigado said.

“She said,’Mom, I love you,’ and asked her to take care of her children,” Agrigado said.

According to Agrigado, Octavio’s youngest son, Javirona, is too young to understand what happened, but his daughter is “very smart” at the age of four, and his injured mother is being taken to an ambulance. He said he may have seen it. Agbayani said the girl was asked to make a statement to the police.

Octavio graduated from Wirecare High School in 2014 with a football scholarship to Mount Mercy University in Iowa.

Javirona remains trapped in the hospital instead of a total of $ 525,000 on bail. His first appearance is scheduled for Monday at the Hilo District Court.

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