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Kū-A-Kanaka LLC, a social enterprise owned and operated by Native Hawaiian women headquartered in Hilo, Hawaii, designs, tests, and stands for Īpuka EA, an innovative culture-based indigenous learner management system. He was awarded $ 10,000 by the Hawaii People’s Fund to raise it. To manage learners participating in EA Ecoversity, a lesson-less, culture-based higher education and career training program for Native Hawaiian youth. In addition to EA Ecoversity learners, “Īpuka EA is a digital e-portfolio where other Native Hawaiians and interested Hawaiians are certified by respected Native Hawaiian language, culture and industry experts. Enables the acquisition of diverse culture-based micro-credentials validated through ʻĪpuka EA’s goal is to make employability and employment security seamless and threat-free, especially for those without higher education. Is to acquire culture-based micro-credentials designed to.

ʻĪpuka Ea is based on decades of action research by Dr. Kahakarau in indigenous education, and more recently indigenous people’s online learning, learner management and microcredentials. “This funding gives EA Ecoversity the momentum to fully develop its own indigenous learner management system designed from an indigenous worldview,” said EA Ecoversity Manager Chris Chazen. Explains. “Our microcredentials help employers identify job seekers with the skills they are looking for and open a career path for Native Hawaiian youth that were previously inaccessible without a college degree. . “

For decades, Native Hawaiians have the highest poverty rates and unemployment of all major ethnic groups, as more than 70% of Native Hawaiians do not have higher education, compared to 40% across the state. I have shown the rate. EA Ecoversity offers dozens of culture-based micro-credentials, plus four digital badges focused on Hawaiian language and cultural foundations, Alohaina, career exploration and training, and 21st century life skills. , Aiming to address this inequality. You will receive an EA Ecoversity diploma that certifies them as educated 21st Century Hawaiians. The micro-credential process managed by ʻĪpuka EA prepares young Hawaiians to enter their living wage career and prepare for success in life.

EA Ecoversity will stand in 2020 by Dr. Kū Kahakalau, CEO of Kū-A-Kanaka, to help young Hawaiians aged 15-30 reach their full potential and prosper as Hawaiians in the 21st century. It was raised. This includes a focus on Kanaka entrepreneurship based on creativity and ability to innovate Native Hawaiian youth. “Our youth have incredible potential. Sadly, today’s higher education institutions are not tailored to their learning styles, cultural preferences, or economic reality,” Kahakarau said. The doctor explained. “That’s why we created EA Ecoversity.” EA Ecoversity is free of charge, but learners make round trips through service learning to generate income to run EA Ecoversity. It is expected to support A-Kanaka.

EA Ecoversity is financially sponsored by Kū-A-Kanaka LLC. www.kuakanaka.com, A Native Hawaiian social enterprise specializing in culture-based products and services that revitalize Hawaiian language and culture, reconnecting Native Hawaiians to the knowledge and practice of their ancestors, Hawaii through “āina-based life” Restore your lifestyle. As an influential organization, Kū-A-Kanaka will reinvest all profits in EA Ecoversity to contribute to the recreation of a thriving Hawaiian country.

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