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Portland, Oregon 2021-02-21 23:23:37 –

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As they say, Howdy Neavano, a nice dairy air. As I walked by the large windows that were easy to see from the sidewalk, I saw the glory of the full moon today. The Blazers jersey was a nice touch. I waved, but you “pretended” to go unnoticed. I probably sneaked you up, but you know, they now make what’s called curtains. Don’t blame me Okay, you probably think I’m a loser. This wasn’t the first time you ignored me. Last fall we bumped into each at Freddie in the yogurt aisle, and it was the same treatment. You hurried away with me hanging and pushed the cart in the opposite direction. I’m playing hard to get it. Alas, fate keeps us united. Eventually you will have to acknowledge my existence lol. I hope you were as great and extroverted as your wife.

Hindsight – I, Anonymous Blog
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