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Hiring those with disabilities in Indiana – Kansas City, Missouri

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Indianapolis — Many industries are experiencing labor shortages, so companies are looking to underutilized labor.

After years of pursuing independence and life goals, Sean Fulton found a meaningful career and is now making a difference at the state level for people with disabilities.

“I’m actually in nine different counselors in the state,” said Fulton, Education and Training Coordinator for Ark, Indiana.

As a self-advocate for Indiana board members, Fulton has repeatedly testified at the State Capitol.

“My old self would have been like,’Is this possible?’,” Fulton said.

His current goal is to connect people with disabilities with employment opportunities.

“Many of them want to be independent. Many of them want to go out and work,” said Jami Whitehead, supervisor of the patient transport division at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. .. “They don’t always get the chance unless they say in their resume,’Hey, I’ve done this before.’ “

The hospital has training programs for people with disabilities in four different departments, offering on-the-job training to develop the skills to get a job.

Hospitals will generally benefit from hiring and working with people with disabilities, Whiteland said.

“They can connect with patients at a level that is honestly different from anyone else, because they may have been exactly where they were,” Whitehead explained.

Andy Kirby, Chief Operating Officer of Ark, Indiana, said:

In Indiana, less than 20% of people with disabilities are employed.

“Especially in today’s environment, where the labor crisis in all industries is very severe, the talent pipeline seems to be very narrow,” Kirby said.

Kirby recognizes that state-wide employers can contact them, recognize that people with disabilities can be a solution to this workforce crisis, and how they can interact with people in this group. He added that he was asking.

“We know that Indiana has 100,000 positions that can’t be filled,” Kirby said. “There are also 100,000 people with disabilities in Indiana who are not currently working.”

“If you hire people with disabilities, you may be able to work better than the average person. They have to give people a chance,” Fulton said.

WRTV’s Stephanie Wade first reported this story.

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