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HISPANIC HERITAGE: Mariachi Margaritas making an impact as an all-female ensemble – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-02 16:40:08 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — From history to delicious food, Hispanic Heritage Month would not have been the same without the sound of beautiful music.

A mariachi ensemble has a big influence.

“Mariachi Margaritas are all female Mariachi ensembles, which all started with a group of college friends,” said Karina Vera, director of Mariachi Margaritas.

Mariachi Margaritas director Karina Vera refers to the all-female mariachi group launched in 2009.

“Most mariachis are male-dominated and we wanted to do something different,” Vera added.

Vera says she was originally from Mexico, but she didn’t get any inspiration until she came to the state.

“That culture, music, costumed Mariachi Traje, that’s what I really learned to love here in America as I approached my roots from Mexico. It really happened here in America. But that’s very special to me, “Vera added.

She says the ensemble has been playing for years at events of all kinds, from celebrations to funerals, but one performance was the most impressive.

“We were invited to accompany the opening show of Angela Aguilar, Leonardo Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar’s Caneros Walk-in, the opening show of his previous battle. For us, that’s what I always remember. I think it’s a thing, “said Karina Vela, director of Mariachi Margaritas.

The Mariachi Margaritas ensemble practices weekly and plays at events and venues every weekend, but it takes more than practice to be successful.

“It has to start with respect. It has to start with friendship and respect. I think that by respecting each other as musicians, we have guided us so far,” Mariachi said.・ Abigai Gonzalez, assistant director of Margaritas, said.

Assistant director Abigai Gonzalez has been in the group for almost seven years, playing the guitar and singing.

Abigai Gonzalez, assistant director of Mariachi Margaritas, said:

The group is made up of multiple female members who say they are one big family working together to get the best possible performance.

Trumpet musician Brenda Gaussin said, “We all put the interests of the group first, and because the group comes first, we put ourselves second.”

They all agree that being part of a group is a great experience and it is important to embrace the culture.

“Mariachis represent our culture above all, and we are humans. Mariachi music brings joy wherever we go,” Gonzales added. ..

CBS reporter Adam Cardona brought us this inspiring story.

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