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What couldn’t be used is back in the community

Eugene, Oregon (KOIN) — Hayward Field was one of the most iconic athletics stadiums in American history, and it was decided to renovate it because maintaining its history was paramount. ..

Many of the works have returned to the newly refurbished Hayward Field, where the entire museum is dedicated to telling the story of its history in the form of the Hayward Hall under the grandstand.

However, the University of Oregon wanted to ensure that what wasn’t available there was returned to the community, so it sought suggestions from those in need of some of the recovered material.

Eugene Marathon KidSports, A non-profit organization specializing in youth sports programs.

Completers of this year’s marathon and half marathon received medals made of old stairs from the eastern grandstand of Historic Hayward. The medals are life-size replicas of the steps in which they were made, until the yellow matches the color of the stairs.

“I went to this scrap yard where all this material was my pickup truck and chainsaw, and we just got a lot,” says Eugene Marathon Race Director Iandbson. I did. “It was really special to go through that process, which means touching all the beams and stairwells, and everything we were using.”

Katy Polansky, a member of Kid Sports’ board of directors, designed and built watches and benches using affordable materials received from the historic Hayward. According to Bev Smith, secretary-general and Oregon women’s basketball legend, revenue will be used to provide scholarships to children who want to participate in the KidSports program with the goal of “no money”. I will.

“We want to provide free funding while our children are recovering, and while their families are recovering from this year of COVID,” Smith said.

“Many … were disappointed with the abolition of Hayward Field’s East Grandstand … but what’s happening from it is a bigger opportunity for kids,” continued Smith.

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Hayward Field University, Oregon
Competitors will round the turn during the men’s 10,000 meters at Hayward Field at the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon, Thursday, June 25, 2015. (AP Photo / Don Ryan)

‘Historic Hayward’ preserved in Eugene community Source link ‘Historic Hayward’ preserved in Eugene community

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