Hit by McDonald’s data leak

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Hackers say they stole some data from the system in markets such as the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan. Cyber ​​criminals invading prominent global companies..

According to McDonald’s, the hamburger chain said Friday it hired an external consultant to investigate fraudulent activity in its internal security system. Investigators have discovered that corporate data has been compromised in markets such as the United States, South Korea and Taiwan, the company said.

McDonald’s said in a message to U.S. employees that the breach disclosed business contact information for U.S. employees and franchisees, as well as information about restaurants such as seating capacity and playground area. .. According to the company, customer data has not been compromised in the United States and published employee data is not sensitive or personal information. The company advised employees and franchisees to monitor phishing emails and make careful decisions when asked for information.

According to McDonald’s, the attackers stole the emails, phone numbers and addresses of South Korean and Taiwanese delivery customers. According to McDonald’s, in Taiwan, hackers also stole employee information such as name and contact information. According to the company, the number of published files is small without revealing the number of people affected. According to McDonald’s, the breach did not include customer payment information.

McDonald’s said South Korean and Taiwanese departments would notify Asian regulators of Friday’s breach and contact customers and employees. The company also said its division would notify some employees in South Africa and Russia of possible unauthorized access to their information. The survey also flagged those countries.

McDonald’s said the restaurant business was uninterrupted by the breach and was not accompanied by a ransomware attack. Hacker demands payment To return data and operations management to the enterprise. McDonald’s said he wasn’t required to pay a ransom and didn’t pay hackers.

Notable ransomware attacks in recent months have disrupted the operations of institutions and businesses Deeply rooted in US civil and commercial lifeIncludes hospitals, transportation systems, pipelines, meat companies.Some companies, including Colonial Pipeline and the US meat company business


Said They paid the hacker To get it back Full control over data and operations..

McDonald’s says investment in cyber security defenses has increased in recent years and these tools have helped respond to recent attacks. The company said it blocked hackers from accessing the data shortly after the breach was identified.

“McDonald’s will use the findings of the investigation and input from security resources to identify ways to further enhance existing security measures,” the company said.

A cyberattack on the largest fuel pipeline in the United States on May 7 forced a shutdown, causing soaring and shortages of gasoline prices in parts of the southeast. The WSJ describes how vulnerable a country’s critical energy infrastructure is to attacks. Photo Illustration: Liz Ornitz / WSJ

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Hit by McDonald’s data leak

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